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Stu Hood and Brian Degenhardt, Scala at Twitter, SF Scala @Twitter 20150217
'Stu Hood and Brian Degenhardt talk about the history of Scala at Twitter, from inception until today, covering 2.10 migration, the original Alex Payne’s presentation from way back, pants, and more. The first five years of Scala at Twitter and the years ahead!'

Very positive indeed on the monorepo concept.
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march 2015 by jm
Down the Rabbit Hole
An adventure that takes you through several popular Java language features and shows how they compile to bytecode and eventually JIT to assembly code.
charles-nutter  java  jvm  compilation  reversing  talks  slides 
october 2013 by jm
PCRE Performance Project
Excellent stuff. Using "sljit", a stackless platform-independent JIT compiler, this compiles Perl-compatible regular expressions to machine code on ARM, x86, MIPS and PowerPC platforms, resulting in 'similar matching speed to DFA based engines (like re2) on common patterns' with Perl compatibility. 'This work has been released as part of PCRE 8.20 and above. Now (PCRE 8.31), nearly all PCRE features are supported including UTF-8/16 and partial matching.'
pcre  regexps  regex  performance  optimization  jit  compilation  dfa  re2  via:akohli 
september 2012 by jm
Why djb redo won't be the Git of build systems
A counter-argument: "so, redo, from a conceptual point of view, has a really good and simple approach (very djb-y), and I'm sure it's an excellent tool for new projects, but for existing projects that already use make in a non-recursive fashion, it would a maintenance PITA. And that's why I conclude that redo in its current conceptual state will never be the Git of build systems. make is still more flexible, and even though it has its flaws, it's still good enough for most people, and also a de-facto standard."
redo  build  djb  building  make  compilation  from delicious
january 2011 by jm
good Hacker News thread on djb's "redo"
YA make-replacement build system. the thread is better than the linked article, btw
hacker-news  via:fanf  make  build  djb  redo  compilation  building  coding  open-source  from delicious
january 2011 by jm

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