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Study: wearing hi-viz clothing does not reduce risk of collision for cyclists
Journal of Transport & Health, 22 March 2017:
This study found no evidence that cyclists using conspicuity aids were at reduced risk of a collision crash compared to non-users after adjustment for confounding, but there was some evidence of an increase in risk. Bias and residual confounding from differing route selection and cycling behaviours in users of conspicuity aids are possible explanations for these findings. Conspicuity aids may not be effective in reducing collision crash risk for cyclists in highly-motorised environments when used in the absence of other bicycle crash prevention measures such as increased segregation or lower motor vehicle speeds.
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october 2017 by jm
Mountain Munchkins
'Outdoor Kit for Mini Adventurers' -- kids outdoor gear, recommended by tyndyll on ITS
clothing  jackets  kids  children  shopping  outdoor 
october 2016 by jm
Space Jacket
'I designed this jacket as a tribute to the continuing legacy of American spaceflight. I wanted it to embody everything I loved about the space program, and to eventually serve as an actual flight jacket for present-day astronauts on missions to the ISS (International Space Station). There are other “replica” flight jackets made for space enthusiasts, but I decided to come up with something boldly different, yet also completely wearable and well-suited for space.'
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october 2014 by jm
Spam-erican Apparel
'LifeSphere currently offers more than 90,000 unique products and is more than likely run by one person in a suburban bungalow in Phoenix. As far as I can gather their process consists of ALPHABETICALLY(!) applying every single image in the Public Domain photography archive to every object Zazzle offers. Amazingly almost everything they make is amazing. From doggy clothes featuring macrophotography of Chex Mix, to “Thanksgiving Shrimp” skateboard decks, LifeSphere proves 90,000 times over that rigorous process-based design yields infallibly fresh results.' (via Nelson)
bots  clothing  design  manufacturing  zazzle  on-demand  spam  new-aesthetic  future 
may 2012 by jm
quite a few excellent teeshirts, along with tea-related items -- and again they have a great kids' range. based in Northern Ireland! (via Ruth)
ireland  shopping  clothing  tees  tshirts  gifts  tea  babies  from delicious
november 2009 by jm
nifty spam-related Threadless tee
"Life would be easier if you could mark people as spam"
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july 2009 by jm

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