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Ex-US healthcare industry insider spills the beans on false "choice"
The truth, of course, is you have little "choice" in healthcare now. Most can’t keep their plan as long as they want, or visit any doctor or hospital. Some reforms, like Medicare For All, *would* let you. In other words, M4A actually offers more choice than the status quo. So if a politician tells you they oppose reforming the current healthcare system because they want to preserve "choice," either they don't know what they're talking about - or they're willfully ignoring the truth. I assure you, the insurance industry is delighted either way.

(via Nelson.)
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Strange Passion Presents Chant Chant Chant, Choice & SM Corporation live
'We are delighted to announce, for one night only, 3 legendary Irish Post Punk bands performing live in Dublin after a 30 year hiatus. This follows on from the critically acclaimed release of the Strange Passion Irish Post Punk compilation in 2012. Post punk legends Chant Chant Chant will perform along with electronic music pioneers Choice and SM Corporation. '
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