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Commodore 64C going strong after over 25 years in production
C64C used in Polish auto repair shop to balance driveshafts, working non-stop for over a quarter of a century. I'd like to see a Spectrum do _this_ ;)
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september 2016 by jm
TOSEC: Commodore C64 (2012-04-23) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
A massive, 6.5GB collection of C64 history.
There are an astounding 134,000+ disk, cassette and documentation items in this Commodore 64 collection, including games, demos, cractros, and compilations.
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march 2013 by jm
Damn. my 2006 hack reinvented, although with a lot more panache :(
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june 2011 by jm

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