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Vitamin T: Hold the Salsa, New York Times! We've Got Something to Taco ‘Bout - Digest - Los Angeles magazine
ouch. some serious slagging here, along with taco science. (BTW we have the same problem with carne asada in Ireland, our taquerias use the cheater method too, sadly)
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october 2013 by jm
Thomasina Miers' simple Mexican recipes | Life and style | The Observer
some pretty good "ports" of Mexican recipes to ingredients available over here, must try these
mexican  food  guardian  recipes  tortas  tlayudas  ceviche  tacos  burritos  from delicious
april 2010 by jm
Buzz by analise torrez from Mobile
EPIC BURRITO THREAD demonstrating the true power of Google Buzz
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february 2010 by jm

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