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'Identifying Back Doors, Attack Points and Surveillance Mechanisms in iOS Devices'
lots of scary stuff in this presentation from this year's Hackers On Planet Earth conf. I'm mainly interested to find out that Jonathan "D-Spam" Zdziarski was also a jailbreak dev-team member until around iOS 4 ;)
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july 2014 by jm
TJ McIntyre on the incredible surveillance of telephone traffic at various Garda stations around the country
The most grave issue is that each recording likely amounted to a serious criminal offence. Under Irish law, the recording of a telephone conversation on a public network without the consent of at least one party to the call amounts to an "interception", a criminal offence carrying a possible term of imprisonment of up to five years. [...] Consequently, unless gardai were notified that their calls might be recorded then a large number of criminal offences are likely to have been committed by and within the Garda Siochana itself.
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march 2014 by jm
NSA surveillance recording every single voice call in at least 1 country
Storing them in a 30-day rolling buffer, allowing retrospective targeting weeks after the call. 100% of all voice calls in that country, although it's unclear which country that is
nsa  surveillance  gchq  telephones  phone  bugging 
march 2014 by jm
Beirtear na IMSIs: Ireland's GSOC surveillance inquiry reveals use of mobile phone interception systems | Privacy International
It is interesting to note that the fake UK network was the only one detected by Verrimus. However, given that IMSI Catchers operate multiple fake towers simultaneously, it is highly likely that one or more Irish networks were also being intercepted. Very often a misconfiguration, such as an incorrect country code, is the only evidence available of an IMSI Catcher being deployed when forensic tools are not being used to look for one.
privacy  imsi-catchers  surveillance  bugging  spying  gsocgate  gsoc  ireland  mobile-phones 
february 2014 by jm

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