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The Codex - I Do Not Like Go
Some gripes about Go from this blog, specifically around developer ergonomics (syntax highlighting and language-inherent error detection), politics, packaging and distribution, GOPATH, and the tuple-oriented error handling idiom. As R. I. Pienaar noted, the Go community seems full of "at-Google-wes", which is an excellent way of putting it.
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february 2018 by jm
The Dordogne Valley: What to Expect
French Foodie in Dublin writes and vlogs about the Dordogne Valley, good foodie tips
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may 2016 by jm
How to host Hugo static website generator on AWS Lambda
seriously, AWS. editing JSON files in a browser text box is an awful, awful user experience
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december 2015 by jm
Brand New Retro – The Book, November 2015
YESSSS. Joe and Brian have delivered -- going to be giving a lot of copies of this for xmas ;)
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october 2015 by jm
A Journey into Microservices | Hailo Tech Blog
Excellent three-parter from Hailo, describing their RabbitMQ+Go-based microservices architecture. Very impressive!
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march 2015 by jm
the "Unknown Pleasures" cover, emulated in Mathematica
In July 1967, astronomers at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, observed an unidentified radio signal from interstellar space, which flashed periodically every 1.33730 seconds. This object flashed with such regularity that it was accurate enough to be used as a clock and only be off by one part in a hundred million.

It was eventually determined that this was the first discovery of a pulsar, CP-1919.  This is an object that has about the same mass as the Sun, but is the size of the San Francisco Bay at its widest (~20 kilometers) that is rotating so fast that its emitting a beam of light towards Earth like a strobing light house! Pulsars are neutron stars that are formed from the remnants of a massive star when it experiences stellar death.

A hand drawn graph plotted in the style of a waterfall plot, in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy, later became renown for its use on the cover of the album "Unknown Pleasures"  by 1970s English band Joy Division.

The entire blog at is pretty great. Lots of nice mathematical animated GIFs, accompanied by Mathematica source and related ponderings.
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december 2014 by jm
Russia passes bill requiring bloggers to register with government
A bill passed by the Russian parliament on Tuesday says that any blogger read by at least 3,000 people a day has to register with the government telecom watchdog and follow the same rules as those imposed by Russian law on mass media. These include privacy safeguards, the obligation to check all facts, silent days before elections and loose but threatening injunctions against "abetting terrorism" and "extremism."

Russian blogging platforms have responded by changing view-counter tickers to display "2500+" as a max.
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april 2014 by jm
Blog shines spotlight on Dublin city’s illegal dumping problem
Hooray, Eoin's activism gets some coverage!
THE SCALE OF Dublin’s dumping problem is laid bare in a blog that has seen contributors send in photos of chairs, fridges and heaps of rubbish strewn on city streets. Eoin Parker, one of organisers behind, spoke to about the problem, saying that the blog was set up following the privatisation of waste management by Dublin City Council in 2012.
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april 2013 by jm
The Rise And Fall Of The Obscure Music Download Blog: A Roundtable
One internet music "sharing" trend largely unnoticed by the powers that sue was the niche explosion of obscure music download blogs, lasting roughly from 2004-2008. Using free filesharing services like Rapidshare and Mediafire, and setting up sites on Blogspot and similar providers, these internet hubs stayed hidden in the open by catering to more discerning kleptomaniac audiophiles. Their specialty: parceling out ripped recordings — many of them copyrighted — from the more collectible and unknown corners of music's oddball, anomalous past.

While the RIAA was suing dead people for downloading Michael Jackson songs (and Madonna was using Soulseek to curse at teenagers), obscure music blogs racked up millions of hits, ripping and sharing 80s Japanese noise, 70s German prog, 60s San Francisco hippie freak-outs, 50s John Cage bootlegs, 30s gramophone oddities, Norwegian death metal, cold wave cassettes made by kids in their garages, and the like. It was the mid aughts, and the advent of digitization had inadvertently put the value of the music industry's "Top Ten" commercial product in peril. That same process transformed the value of old, collectible music as well. If one smart record collector was able to share the entire contents—music, artwork and all—of one vinyl LP on his blog, for free, and upload another item from his 1,000+ collection the next day, for weeks and years, and others like him did the same, competing with each other about who could upload the rarest and most sought-after record, and anyone who downloaded it could then share it again and again… Suddenly everyone in the world had the coolest record collection in the world; and soon, nobody in the world had the coolest record collection in the world.

Obscure music download blogs weren't shut down like Napster or Megaupload were (though they were indirectly affected by that crackdown); they just, mysteriously, seemed to burn out on their own sometime around 2008. While some are still around, their number represents only a fraction of that mid-00s heyday. Was this because obscure music blogs had overshared the underexposed and blown the whole thing into oblivion? Is the fact that a guy in Japan will no longer pay $500 on eBay for a first pressing of the No New York compilation because he can find it for free on the internet good for the world? Was the commodity-lost but the knowledge-gained an even exchange? To explore what was going on then, I assembled this email roundtable discussion between creators of some of the most popular blogs of the time: Eric Lumbleau of Mutant Sounds, Liam Elms of 8 Days in April, Frank of Systems of Romance and Brian Turner, Music Director of WFMU.

(via Loreana Rushe)
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november 2012 by jm
WebTechStacks by martharotter - Kippt
A good set of infrastructure/devops tech blogs, collected by Martha Rotter
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november 2012 by jm
'A curated blog of notable Kickstarter projects' (via potentato)
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may 2012 by jm
How did WordPress win?
from a former SixApart PM. I'd put my money on "unambiguously free" (ie. OSS) which in turn drives the developer ecosystem, myself
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february 2011 by jm
Digital Socket Awards
'We’d like you to nominate the longlist of best music of 2010 on From this, 26 blogger judges from towns and cities all over Ireland will each score their top choices to reach a shortlist of three finalists in each category. The winners will be announced on 3 February 2011 at a live event in Dublin’s Grand Social.'
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december 2010 by jm
Irish music blogs under attack over royalties | Music |
'If IMRO goes ahead with its plan, targeting music blogs around the world, there will soon be legions of frustrated bloggers. And it will be much worse if other regional publishers follow suit.'
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april 2010 by jm
Vending Spree
'I am going to consume and review every item in my office vending machine and there is nothing you can do to stop me.'
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april 2010 by jm
On The Record » “This music blogger IMRO licence thing”
Jim Carroll's blog post on the IMRO mp3blog shakedown. Comment thread has some good stuff from Irish music heads
imro  mp3  blogs  music  ireland  jim-carroll  shakedown  from delicious
april 2010 by jm
Nialler9's getting the IMRO shakedown
Irish music blogs apparently need to pay a minimum of EUR150/year to the collection agency for "making copyrighted music available online" -- and they intend to ask _all_ sites who offer music, Irish or not, to pay this fee (!)
imro  shakedown  nialler9  ireland  music  mp3  blogs  blogging  from delicious
april 2010 by jm
Sexy Executives
'The finest corporate photography - from their extranets, to you' (via Adrian Weckler)
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march 2010 by jm
2010 Irish Blog Awards Nominations
bloody hell, where did these all come from?! wow
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february 2010 by jm
a typical incendiary blog post
'This sentence contains a provocative statement that attracts the readers’ attention, but really only has very little to do with the topic of the blog post. This sentence claims to follow logically from the first sentence, though the connection is actually rather tenuous. This sentence claims that very few people are willing to admit the obvious inference of the last two sentences, with an implication that the reader is not one of those very few people. This sentence expresses the unwillingness of the writer to be silenced despite going against the popular wisdom. This sentence is a sort of drum roll, preparing the reader for the shocking truth to be contained in the next sentence. This sentence contains the thesis of the blog post, a trite and obvious statement cast as a dazzling and controversial insight.'
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january 2010 by jm
Me and Belle de Jour – ‘Could it be Brooke?’
LinkMachineGo knew the true identity of Belle du Jour way back when -- and set a Google trap to ensnare snooping journos. nice work
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november 2009 by jm

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