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How to effectively complain to an Irish broadcaster about a public affairs show
Simon McGarr: "If you think that a public affairs show has failed to address a matter with proper balance, you can (Tweet) say it to the breeze or complain.
There is a process to follow to make an effective complaint
1) complain to broadcaster
2) complain to BAI if unhappy with response."

Thread with more details, and yet more at
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november 2017 by jm
The Broadcasting Association of Ireland and the NUJ agree: the internet must be regulated so that it can be 'brought into line'
'The Irish Times podcast ends with both the NUJ’s Seamus Dooley and Prof Kenny agreeing that somebody must regulate the internet so that it can be brought into line.'
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august 2014 by jm
BAI says Mooney Show was wrong to broadcast programme supporting same-sex marriage
This is a terrible decision. As Fintan O'Toole wrote afterwards: [The] 'BAI decision actually makes the point: a gay couple is a political "issue"; a straight couple is just a couple'
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august 2014 by jm

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