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UK police to investigate alleged Bahraini hacking of exiles’ computers
Criminal complaints have been filed in the UK against Gamma "acting as an accessory to Bahrain's illegal targeting of activists" using the FinFisher spyware
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october 2014 by jm
Six things we know from the latest FinFisher documents | Privacy International
The publishing of materials from a support server belonging to surveillance-industry giant Gamma International has provided a trove of information for technologists, security researchers and activists. This has given the world a direct insight into a tight-knit industry, which demands secrecy for themselves and their clients, but ultimately assists in the violation human rights of ordinary people without care or reproach. Now for the first time, there is solid confirmation of Gamma's activities from inside the company's own files, despite their denials, on their clients and support provided to a range of governments.
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august 2014 by jm

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