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Azul Zing on Ubuntu on AWS Marketplace
hmmm, very interesting -- the super-low-latency Zing JVM is available as a commercial EC2 instance type, at costs less than the EC2 instance price
zing  azul  latency  performance  ec2  aws 
february 2015 by jm
A Non-Blocking HashTable by Dr. Cliff Click : programming
Proggit discovers the NonBlockingHashMap. This comment from Boundary's cscotta is particularly interesting: "The code is intricate and curiously-formatted, but NBHM is quite excellent. The majority of our analytics platform is backed by NBHMs updated rapidly in parallel. Cliff's a great, friendly, approachable guy; if you have any specific questions about the approaches or implementation, he may be happy to answer."
data-structures  algorithms  non-blocking  concurrency  threading  multicore  cliff-click  azul  maps  java  boundary 
january 2013 by jm
_The Pauseless GC Algorithm_ [pdf]
Paper from USENIX VEE '05, by Cliff Click, Gil Tene, and Michael Wolf of Azul Systems, describing some details of the Azul secret sauce (via b6n)
via:b3n  azul  gc  jvm  java  usenix  papers 
december 2012 by jm

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