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[LEGAL-303] ASF, RocksDB, and Facebook's BSD+patent grant licensing
Facebook's licensing includes a "nuclear option" if a user acts in a way interpreted by Facebook as competing with them; the ASF has marked the license as "Category-X", and may not be included in Apache projects as a result. Looks like RocksDB are going to relicense as dual GPLv2/ASL2 to clear this up, but React.js has not shown any plans to do so yet
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4 weeks ago by jm
Festina Lente
A lovely eulogy for Nóirín Plunkett, from Rich Bowen. RIP Nóirín :(
noirin-plunkett  memorials  eulogies  rip  asf  apache 
july 2015 by jm
[#HADOOP-9448] Reimplement things - ASF JIRA
Pretty good April Fools from this year -- a patch to delete the entirety of Hadoop's codebase:
To avoid any bias to the existing code and make the same mistakes we should just delete trunk completely. Attached it is a script that deletes everything.
hadoop  april-fools  asf  patches  open-source  oss 
april 2013 by jm
Internet Security is a failure
ASF's Paul Querna: 'Security on the Internet sucks, and it is only getting worse. The problem is systemic, with security researchers and developers not producing viable ways for the average user to live on the Internet in a secure fashion without excessive paranoia.'
asf  authentication  infrastructure  tls  internet  security  from delicious
april 2010 by jm
DDOS mystery involving Linux and mod_ssl
connections to, "GET / HTTP/1.1", massive HTTPS DDOS. no idea what's going on
apache  asf  ddos  https  httpd  mod_ssl  from delicious
october 2009 by jm

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