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‘I wish to register a complaint’: know your consumer rights before the fight
Conor Pope on the basics of consumer law -- and how to complain -- in Ireland
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september 2015 by jm
Services Engineering Reading List
good list of papers/articles for fans of scalability etc.
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march 2015 by jm
Some good algorithms and notes by Dmitry Vyukov on 'lockfree, waitfree, obstruction-free synchronization algorithms and data structures, scalability-oriented architecture, multicore/multiprocessor design patterns, high-performance computing, threading technologies and libraries (OpenMP, TBB, PPL), message-passing systems and related topics.' The catalog of lock-free queue implementations is particularly extensive (via Sergio Bossa)
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august 2012 by jm
Michael "Liar's Poker" Lewis on Ireland's economic collapse
PDF of the 15-page Vanity Fair article -- from interviews I've read in advance, this seems pretty good
michael-lewis  vanity-fair  articles  pdf  toread  economy  ireland  disaster  collapse  from delicious
february 2011 by jm

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