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Tensorflow whinge
"Built to do really fancy cutting-edge stuff and also to make common workflows look very easy, but without a middle ground, so either you are doing something very ordinary and your code is 2 lines that magically work, or you’re lost in cryptic error messages coming from mysterious middleware objects that, you learn 5 hours later, exist so the code can run on a steam-powered deep-sea quantum computer cluster or something"

This seems to be a bit of a Google trait. (via Alison Parrish)
tensorflow  api  open-source  snark  whinges 
7 hours ago by jm
'List of changes announced for AWS that may break existing code.'
e.g. Lambda will no longer support Node.js 8.10 on Jan 6 2020, etc.
coding  ops  cloud  aws  api  breakage 
6 weeks ago by jm
Use of an opaque binary class in a public iOS API causes problems
"Apple changing the behavior of `NSData -description` in iOS 13 could break push notification registration for thousands of apps. Beyond the immediate concern for existing apps, this is an interesting case study in how to handle long-standing, widespread misuse of an API."

This is messy. Not a good API design decision from Apple
apple  ios  push-notifications  apis  api  coding  interoperability  i14y 
12 weeks ago by jm
Latacora - How (not) to sign a JSON object
good notes on authentication of API consumers using a HMAC. colmmacc also noted that using a constant-time comparison function of the expected and sent values, is important to avoid timing attacks. "A standard strcmp/memcmp isn't secure and I still see this error in 2019 :("
hmac  mac  authentication  crypto  security  json  apis  api  coding  signing 
july 2019 by jm
Service discovery at Stripe
Writeup of their Consul-based service discovery system, a bit similar to smartstack. Good description of the production problems that they saw with Consul too, and also they figured out that strong consistency isn't actually what you want in a service discovery system ;)

HN comments are good too:
consul  api  microservices  service-discovery  dns  load-balancing  l7  tcp  distcomp  smartstack  stripe  cap-theorem  scalability 
november 2016 by jm
AWS Api Gateway for Fun and Profit
good worked-through example of an API Gateway rewriting system
api-gateway  aws  api  http  services  ops  alerting  alarming  opsgenie  signalfx 
december 2015 by jm
This Is My Jam shutting down
but, crucially, with an Andy-Baio-approved archival process. Nicely done -- this is a good example of how to do it
api  archiving  music  mp3  this-is-my-jam  archival  shutdown 
august 2015 by jm
How to Create RSS Feeds for Twitter
The latest hacky workaround to Twitter's API shortcoming
rss-feeds  feeds  twitter  favorites  api  social-media  workaround  google-script 
july 2015 by jm
Eight lessons learned hacking on GitHub Pages for six months
Pages is actually pretty solid -- nice one GitHub
github  api  pages  html  web  jekyll  hosting 
april 2015 by jm
JCDecaux Developer API
web service API for Dublin Bikes data (and other similar bikesharing services run by JCD):
Two kinds of data are delivered by the platform:

Static data provides stable information like station position, number of bike stands, payment terminal availability, etc.
Dynamic data provides station state, number of available bikes, number of free bike stands, etc.
Static data can be downloaded manually in file format or accessed through the API. Dynamic data are refreshed every minute and can be accessed only through the API.

Ruby API:
jcdecaux  bikesharing  dublin  dublin-bikes  api  web-services  http  json  open-data 
october 2014 by jm
Postman - REST Client
a Chrome extension to aid working with REST APIs. Formats XML and JSON responses, supports file uploads, key/value editors, autocomplete, open source under ASL2
open-source  chrome  extensions  browser  postman  rest  hateoas  api  xml  json  web-services  via:eonnen 
july 2014 by jm
Home · linkedin/ Wiki is a REST+JSON framework for building robust, scalable service architectures using dynamic discovery and simple asynchronous APIs. fills a niche for building RESTful service architectures at scale, offering a developer workflow for defining data and REST APIs that promotes uniform interfaces, consistent data modeling, type-safety, and compatibility checked API evolution.

The new underlying comms layer for Voldemort, it seems.
voldemort  d2  linkedin  json  rest  http  api  frameworks  java 
february 2014 by jm

The future of the AWS command line tools is awscli, a single, unified, consistent command line tool that works with almost all of the AWS services. Here is a quick list of the services that awscli currently supports: Auto Scaling, CloudFormation, CloudSearch, CloudWatch, Data Pipeline, Direct Connect, DynamoDB, EC2, ElastiCache, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Transcoder, ELB, EMR, Identity and Access Management, Import/Export, OpsWorks, RDS, Redshift, Route 53, S3, SES, SNS, SQS, Storage Gateway, Security Token Service, Support API, SWF, VPC. Support for the following appears to be planned: CloudFront, Glacier, SimpleDB.

The awscli software is being actively developed as an open source project on Github, with a lot of support from Amazon. You’ll note that the biggest contributors to awscli are Amazon employees with Mitch Garnaat leading. Mitch is also the author of boto, the amazing Python library for AWS.
aws  awscli  cli  tools  command-line  ec2  s3  amazon  api 
august 2013 by jm
Announcing Zuul: Edge Service in the Cloud
Netflix' library to implement "edge services" -- ie. a front end to their API, web servers, and streaming servers. Some interesting features: dynamic filtering using Groovy scripts; Hystrix for software load balancing, fault tolerance, and error handling for originated HTTP requests; fine-grained service metrics; Archaius for configuration; and canary requests to detect overload risks. Pretty complex though
edge-services  api  netflix  zuul  archaius  canary-requests  http  groovy  hystrix  load-balancing  fault-tolerance  error-handling  configuration 
june 2013 by jm
Google Drive SDK
realtime collaboration API. nifty! but can it collaborate on a per-app shared doc, or does it require that the app user auth to Google and access their own docs?
collaboration  api  realtime  google  javascript 
march 2013 by jm
Dropbox Sync API
Give your app its own private Dropbox client and leave the syncing to us.
apps  dropbox  synchronization  sync  ios  android  api 
march 2013 by jm
RFC 6585 - Additional HTTP Status Codes
includes "429 Too Many Requests", for rate limits
api  rfc  http  reference  standards  web  rest 
march 2013 by jm
Cloud Architecture Tutorial - Platform Component Architecture (2of3)
Amazing stuff from Adrian Cockroft at last week's QCon. Faceted object model, lots of Cassandra automation
cassandra  api  design  oo  object-model  java  adrian-cockroft  slides  qcon  scaling  aws  netflix 
march 2012 by jm
Richardson Maturity Model
'steps towards the glory of REST'. 3 steps, namely: "Level 0: the swamp of POX", "Level 1: Resources", "Level 2: HTTP verbs", and "Level 3: hypermedia controls". +1
rest  leonard-richardson  api  design  coding  martin-fowler  restful  web-services  http  from delicious
november 2010 by jm
free Twitter proxy for access to the Twitter API without requiring OAuth, perfect for stupid read-only stuff like my filter-tweets script (via Padraig)
via:pixelbeat  api  oauth  proxy  twitter  web  http  curl  supertweet  from delicious
september 2010 by jm
Gmail APIs and Tools: IMAP and SMTP using OAuth
'The Gmail IMAP and SMTP servers have been extended to support authorization via the industry-standard OAuth protocol.' pretty cool, support third parties sending outbound as you, or filtering your inbound gmail
gmail  mail  oauth  smtp  imap  api  from delicious
march 2010 by jm

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