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AI Now 2019 report
'Despite the growth of ethical frameworks, AI systems continue to be deployed rapidly across
domains of considerable social significance—in healthcare, education, employment, criminal
justice, and many others—without appropriate safeguards or accountability structures in place.
Many urgent concerns remain, and the agenda of issues to be addressed continues to grow: the
environmental harms caused by AI systems are considerable, from extraction of materials from
our earth to the extraction of labor from our communities. In healthcare, increasing dependence
on AI systems will have life-or-death consequences. New research also highlights how AI systems
are particularly prone to security vulnerabilities and how the companies building these systems
are inciting fundamental changes to the landscape of our communities, resulting in geographic

Yet the movements of the past year give reason to hope, marked by a groundswell of pushback
from both expected and unexpected places, from regulators and researchers to community
organizers and activists to workers and advocates. Together, they are building new coalitions
upon legacies of older ones, and forging new bonds of solidarity. If the past year has shown us
anything, it is that our future will not be determined by the inevitable progress of AI, nor are we
doomed to a dystopic future. The implications of AI will be determined by us—and there is much
work ahead to ensure that the future looks bright.'
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