Online censorship now bordering on the ridiculous in Turkey - Reporters Without Borders
'access to websites containing words on the list would in theory be suspended and it would be impossible to create new ones containing them. However, it is not clear how and to what extent the directive will be implemented in practice. The TIB could decide to suppress or block pages for just one blacklisted word. ... The list, which borders on the ridiculous, includes words such as “etek” (skirt), “baldiz” (sister-in-law) and “hayvan” (animals). It poses serious problems for access to online information. If words such as “free” and “pic” are censored, countless references to freedom and everyday photos will be eliminated from the Turkish Internet.' Incredible (via Danny)
via:mala  repression  internet  turkey  censorship  filtering  false-positives 
april 2011
Linux Profiling tools and techniques
great tips for system-level and app-level profiling on Linux from Padraig
profiling  optimization  linux  cache  valgrind 
april 2011
Yahoo Sells Delicious To YouTube Founders
'Q: Will AVOS maintain the Delicious service with all of its functionality A: Yes, that’s the plan. There may be a time of adjustment as AVOS re-launches Delicious, but the company’s intention is to add new features and grow the service overall.'
avos  yahoo  delicious  acquisitions 
april 2011
well-packaged, well-designed, two-factor auth for SSH from Dug Song. free for small-scale use, too, it looks like. awesome! I've signed up (via Nelson)
via:nelson  security  authentication  authorization  two-factor-auth  openssh  ssh  dug-song 
april 2011
Dropbox dedupe feature allows materialization of any file, if you know its hash
'allows users to exploit Dropbox’s file hashing scheme to copy files into their account without actually having them. Dropship will save the hashes of a file in JSON format. Anyone can then take these hashes and load the original file into their Dropbox account using Dropship.' heh. that sounds very familiar, I seem to recall thinking about this problem on several occasions... ;) Dropbox certainly didn't like it, going by this account
security  filesharing  dropbox  online-backup  online-storage  p2p  hashes  sha  dmca 
april 2011
Amazon EC2 outage: summary and lessons learned
Rightscale CTO on last week's outage; pretty detailed, good round-up of useful commentary from around the web, too
ebs  ec2  aws  cloud  availability  slas  rightscale  amazon 
april 2011
LRB · James Meek · In the Sorting Office
'The postwoman is paid a pittance to deliver corporate mail. She hasn’t done her job well, yet so few people have complained about missed deliveries that she hasn’t been found out. Across the world, postal services are being altered like this: optimised to deliver the maximum amount of unwanted mail at the minimum cost to businesses. In the internet age private citizens are sending less mail than they used to, but that’s only part of the story of postal decline. The price of driving down the cost of bulk mailing for a handful of big organisations is being paid for by the replacement of decently paid postmen with casual labour and the erosion of daily deliveries.' (via Tony Finch)
via:fanf  post  mail  postal-service  holland  dutch  postmen  work  jobs  business  politics  lrb 
april 2011
Dylan Collins asks: has Ireland peaked as an Internet hub?
based on Twitter's surprise move passing over Dublin for London, and how to fix it: "launch the Internet Visa, an aggressive program that allows all Irish Internet companies to recruit from anywhere in the world. Reduce the red tape (combine all permit and visa documentation), guarantee a turnaround time measured in days (a small number) and avoid all the mistakes the UK has made with its Startup Visa initiative. Bring the talent from everywhere outside the EU to Ireland. Ireland doesn’t scale organically. So it needs to in-source. We need to be honest about our shortcomings and tackle them with something which will make HR Directors smile. Imagine a country with all the existing advantages of Ireland plus the ability to hire anyone in the world you wanted. Who in their right mind wouldn’t establish their European base there?" He's dead right, this is a massive problem for the Irish tech industry right now
ireland  bureaucracy  red-tape  twitter  tech  business  visas  work  government  dylan-collins 
april 2011
demerphq on "perl's regexps are slow"
His classic response to the Russ Cox DFA-over-NFA regular expressions paper. 'A general purpose regex engine like that required for perl has to be able to do a lot, and has to balance considerations ranging from memory footprint of a compiled object, construction time, flexibility, rich feature-sets, the ability to accomodate huge character sets, and of course most importantly matching performance. And it turns out that while DFA engines have a very good worst case match time, they dont actually have too many other redeeming features. Construction can be extremely slow, the memory footprint vast, all kinds of trickery is involved to do unicode or capturing properly and they aren't suitable for patterns with backreferences.' -- Also interesting to note that he mentions an approach I've used in several SpamAssassin speedup add-ons, too ;)
performance  perl  regular-expressions  perlmonks  demerphq  regexps  dfa  nfa  state-machines 
april 2011
How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With?
'after just a few days, the four- and six-hour group reported that, yes, they were slightly sleepy. But they insisted they had adjusted to their new state. Even 14 days into the study, they said sleepiness was not affecting them. In fact, their performance had tanked. In other words, the sleep-deprived among us are lousy judges of our own sleep needs. We are not nearly as sharp as we think we are.'
sleep  rest  brain  science  neuroscience 
april 2011
'a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end for Web server(s). Pound was developed to enable distributing the load among several Web-servers and to allow for a convenient SSL wrapper for those Web servers that do not offer it natively. Pound is distributed under the GPL'
https  ssl  http  proxy  web  pound  reverse-proxy 
april 2011
brandnewretro | scans from the past
a mate of mine, scanning Irish cultural artifacts from Ireland in the '70s and '80s. fanzines!
fanzines  irish  ireland  history  1980s  1970s  dundalk  culture  scans  from delicious
april 2011
Virgin and NTL filtering fail
'Virgin and NTL [in the UK] blocked [del.icio.us] for years' due to a false positive -- joshua
del.icio.us  false-positives  filtering  uk  isps  virgin  ntl  fail  via:hackernews  from delicious
april 2011
This Bacteria is Violating Copyright | tor.com | Science fiction and fantasy | Blog posts
the Joyce estate playing their usual role. 'are we now nearing a point where copyright law can result in the retraction of a life form?' (via John Looney)
copyright  dna  bacteria  james-joyce  joyce-estate  frivolous  lawsuits  copyfight  craig-venter  from delicious
april 2011
Permanent TSB's tracker-mortgage paydown option isn't such a good deal after all
'it might be in your interest if you have a tracker mortgage and are unable to get a better rate of interest on the €5,000 that you are being tempted to repay PTSB. You can get up to 4.2% from PTSB deposit accounts, 9.7% from 10-year Irish sovereign bonds, 9% from residential property. Yet PTSB is prepared to give you less than a measly 2% over a five year period on your €5,000 repayment.'
ptsb  permanent-tsb  finance  money  mortgages  tracker-mortgage  investment  from delicious
april 2011
pyflakes.vim - on-the-fly Python code checking in Vim
Vim gets a good IDE feature. 'highlights common Python errors like misspelling a variable name on the fly. It also warns about unused imports, redefined functions, etc.'
ide  vim  python  programming  via:preddit  coding 
april 2011
Nelson Minar on map tiles
quite a lot of detail into the prevailing state of the art in how online zoomable maps store their tiles
mapping  maps  google-maps  nelson  reference  tiling  storage 
april 2011
Rumor: Google “Disgusted” With Record Labels
'Once again, Warner is the fly in the ointment, the same company that praises Spotify one day, renews their licenses for the rest of the world and then the next day doesn’t want to license them in the US.'
google  music  cloud  licensing  music-industry  record-labels  warner-music  streaming  from delicious
april 2011
Lucene Utilities and Bloom Filters - Greplin:tech
'Storing 50,000 2.5KB items in a traditional hash set requires over 125MB, but if you're willing to accept a 1-in-10,000 false positive rate on lookups, [this] bloom filter requires under 500KB' - interesting variation on the basic concept.  Java, Apache-licensed
search  bloom-filters  greplin  open-source  apache  false-positives  from delicious
april 2011
Mallory: Transparent TCP and UDP Proxy – Intrepidus Group - Insight
'a transparent TCP and UDP proxy. It can be used to get at those hard to intercept network streams, assess those tricky mobile web applications, or maybe just pull a prank on your friend.'  basically, cause wifi clients to associate with an Ubuntu host, then sniff their packets
proxy  security  network  sniffing  transparent-proxies  mobile  reverse-engineering  from delicious
april 2011
Dublin - Europe’s Next Startup Petri Dish? - NYTimes.com
'Ireland’s tech scene continues to expand in spite of the woeful state of the rest of the economy with a plethora of accelerator programs, seed funds and events like Founders and the IBM smartcamp global finals happening there in the last year or two. '
ireland  tech  software  startups  from delicious
april 2011
'allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online. HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads.' actively maintained, Windows and UNIX
web  opensource  http  download  mirror  from delicious
april 2011
Review & Outlook: Ireland Bails Out Germany Again - WSJ.com
“As the banks’ losses deepen and Dublin’s credibility withers, now is an apt time to rethink the foundations of the European Union’s Irish-rescue strategy, one that is now effectively premised on sinking one country so that tough political choices may be avoided in another.”  ouch
wsj  news  ireland  politics  eu  bailout  from delicious
april 2011
hmm, interesting to see what develops here -- reminds me of "Cogair", the original Irish anonymous-whistleblower site from the '90s
anonymous  ireland  wikileaks  leaks  whistleblowing  from delicious
april 2011
Motorola Made XBMC Remote Now Available for Presale - Tested
oooh nice! Might go for one of these for my XBMC box. only thing is, I quite like the feature of being able to lock the remote from the kids, when the "remote" is an iPhone...
remote-controls  tv  xbmc  set-top-box  ui  from delicious
april 2011
Music Industry Lobbyist Becomes Europe’s Copyright Boss
'Maria Martin-Prat, who was formerly employed as Director of Legal Policy and Regulatory Affairs at IFPI, has now been selected to lead the EU unit that deals with copyright and enforcement issues.'
ifpi  policy  europe  ec  eu  acta  filesharing  music  mp3  from delicious
april 2011
Ireland banking crisis: is the worst really over? | Business | guardian.co.uk
still a disaster, and the new government are proving disappointing. Pimco CEO says fail: '"The creditors most of the creditors so far have not gone through any burden sharing, it is remarkable; it is inadvisable; but it is a political decision that has been taken. It surprises me. What they are hoping for is by maintaining the credits intact, that they creditors they are going to rush back in with new money. What they haven't read is the history of debt crisis and the history of debt crises is very simple. Whenever you have a debt overhang, whenever you have this big cloud of debt no new creditor will come in in a big way."'
bailout  banking  ireland  disaster  bank-runs  from delicious
april 2011
Silver Lining
'an application packaging format, a server configuration library, a cloud server management tool, a persistence management tool, and a tool to manage the application with respect to all these services over time.'  interesting, possibly too Pythonic
python  programming  dist  deployment  packaging  from delicious
april 2011
Coding Horror: Revisiting the Home Theater PC
Jeff Atwood pimps the latest HTPC SBC with onboard GPU, to support 1080p painlessly. comments are good too (via Nelson)
htpc  hardware  tv  home  1080p  from delicious
march 2011
What Larry Page really needs to do to return Google to its startup roots
massively detailed critique of Google's corporate culture -- lots of internals exposed
google  management  culture  aws  corporate-culture  gossip  from delicious
march 2011
Daragh O'Brien on the Gardai's plans to force ISPs to implement IP filtering
'Internet blocking is ineffective. The current proposal lacks sufficient checks and balances, and may even require ISPs and telcos to break other laws to comply. It will inevitably result in innocents being tarred as offenders. Data Protection principles (such as “Adequate, Relevant, and Not Excessive” are being blatantly ignored to implement an ineffective solution. Far better is to shut down the shop by removing the images at source and invest time, energy, and resources into a more transparent effort to manage this issue.' well said
internet  filtering  censorship  blocking  gardai  isps  ireland  data-protection  privacy  from delicious
march 2011
Digital Rights Ireland » Garda plans to introduce web blocking in Ireland
'Last year we revealed that the Department of Justice was working on secret plans to introduce internet filtering in Ireland. Now, despite a complete lack of any legislation, public consultation or democratic discussion, these plans have moved to the implementation stage.' wtf, this is just appalling lack of oversight
gardai  blocking  filtering  ireland  politics  legislation  oversight  isps  ispai  alto  censorship  eff  from delicious
march 2011
Facebook's New Realtime Analytics System: HBase to Process 20 Billion Events Per Day
Scribe logs events, "ptail" (parallel tail presumably) tails logs from Scribe stores, Puma batch-aggregates, writes to HBase.  Java and Thrift on the backend, PHP in front
facebook  hbase  scalability  performance  hadoop  scribe  events  analytics  architecture  tail  append  from delicious
march 2011
RIM: The inmates have taken over the asylum
some notes from Blackberry's slow circle round the toilet, as it's hammered by iPhones and Androids. also: I can't believe QNX is still alive
rim  mobile  blackberry  qnx  embedded  phones  from delicious
march 2011
'platform for event-driven, scalable, and fault-tolerant architectures on the JVM' .. Actor-based, 'let-it-crash', Apache-licensed, Java and Scala APIs, remote Actors, transactional memory -- looks quite nice
scala  java  concurrency  scalability  apache  akka  actors  erlang  fault-tolerance  events  from delicious
march 2011
Bulletproof Node.js Coding
lots of patterns to write safe node.js code.  Pretty daunting, to be honest
javascript  node.js  coding  programming  async  from delicious
march 2011
Cellphones Track Your Every Move, and You May Not Even Know - NYTimes.com
data retention in Germany revealed via FOI: 'in a six-month period — from Aug 31, 2009, to Feb. 28, 2010, Deutsche Telekom had recorded and saved his longitude and latitude coordinates more than 35,000 times. It traced him from a train on the way to Erlangen at the start through to that last night, when he was home in Berlin.'
data-retention  germany  phones  mobile  geolocation  tracking  mobile-phones  surveillance  from delicious
march 2011
Improving Linux performance by preserving Buffer Cache State
handy -- a patch to rsync(1) which will not disturb the buffer cache, so that large file transfers and backups will not interfere with what's been cached previously
performance  linux  caching  buffer-cache  rsync  io  cache  patches  backups  from delicious
march 2011
'an alternative Linux-based firmware for powering Broadcom-based ethernet routers. It is a modification of the famous Tomato firmware, with additional built-in support for USB port, wireless-N mode support, support for several newer router models, and various enhancements. Tomato USB supports many Broadcom-based routers from Asus, Linksys, Buffalo, Netgear and other manufacturers.' Looks good -- I've been a Tomato fan for many years -- and jzawodny-approved
router  tomato  firmware  linux  routers  wireless  wifi  from delicious
march 2011
L. MULLIGAN. GROCER.: Beer of the Week: Metalman Pale Ale
*excellent* Irish pale ale, brewed by ex-co-worker Grainne and her partner Tim, now on sale in my favourite pub. yay!
mulligans  beer  ipa  pale-ale  metalman  coworkers  from delicious
march 2011
ImperialViolet - Revocation doesn't work
OCSP doesn't work -- the browser vendors have failed to implement it safely
security  ssl  https  tls  ocsp  revocation  crl  via:fanf  from delicious
march 2011
Comodo's incident report on the March 15 incident
pointing the finger at the Iranian state; various login URLs for GMail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and something called "global trustee" (wtf)
security  fraud  comodo  fail  ssl  tls  ocsp  revocation  from delicious
march 2011
snappy - A fast compressor/decompressor
'On a single core of a Core i7 processorin 64-bit mode, it compresses at about 250 MB/sec or more and decompresses atabout 500 MB/sec or more. (These numbers are for the slowest inputs in ourbenchmark suite; others are much faster.) In our tests, Snappy usuallyis faster than algorithms in the same class (e.g. LZO, LZF, FastLZ, QuickLZ,etc.) while achieving comparable compression ratios.'  Apache-licensed, from Google
snappy  google  compression  speed  from delicious
march 2011
Detecting Certificate Authority compromises and web browser collusion | The Tor Blog
'If I had to make a bet, I'd wager that an attacker was able to issue high value [SSL] certificates, probably by compromising [the USERTRUST SSL certificate authority] in some manner, this was discovered sometime before the revocation date, each certificate was revoked, the vendors notified, the patches were written, and binary builds kicked off - end users are probably still updating and thus many people are vulnerable to the failure that is the CRL and OCSP method for revocation.' It seems addons.mozilla.org was one of the bogus certs acquired. Major ouch. Thanks to EFF/Tor et al for investigating this -- SSL cert revocation is a shambles
security  ssl  tls  certificates  ca  revocation  crypto  exploits  eff  tor  comodo  usertrust  from delicious
march 2011
Cydia app recommendations
good tips from a forum thread on MacRumors -- quite a few new ones I hadn't tried before
iphone  cydia  jailbreaking  apps  from delicious
march 2011
a  $4.99 Cydia-installed tweak for jailbroken iPhones -- turn off the 3G radio entirely, switching down to the much more economical 2G radio, when the device is locked or on wifi.  This really should be a built-in feature of iOS
iphone  batteries  battery-life  apps  tweaks  cydia  jailbreaking  from delicious
march 2011
Flickr: gruntzooki's stuff tagged with femur
Cory Doctorow got an MRI of his femur in prep for a surgical procedure -- and his wife used it to make a 3D-printed titanium keyring! awesome. I want to do this with MY SKULL
3d-printing  gadgets  cool  keyrings  tchotchkes  nifty  toys  gifts  mri  medical  bones  from delicious
march 2011
'a lava-like molten mixture of portions of nuclear reactor core, formed during a nuclear meltdown'
corium  nuclear-power  disasters  nuclear  radioactive  wikipedia  meltdown  from delicious
march 2011
Copying block devices between machines
a very hairy hack to perform a block-level rsync-like "send just the changes" algorithm between two very large files (think /dev/sda block devices).  Crazy, but it'd work alright!
devices  hairy  hacks  shell  perl  networking  ssh  rsync  lvm  snapshots  from delicious
march 2011
Ireland’s new coalition on media, IT & IP law | Lex Ferenda
'some first thoughts on how the just-published coalition agreement (Fine Gael and Labour) in Ireland proposes to deal with issues of interest to cyberlaw and media law.'
lex-ferenda  law  ireland  ip  content  internet  fair-use  copyright  tv  from delicious
march 2011
'I would like to call it "B.E.S.T. Scanner" so people kind of get stuck calling it "the best scanner". We can figure out what BEST means later.' omgwtf. Is this guy 12 years old?
funny  security  humor  anonymous  scanner  nmap  hbgary  open-source  fail  idiots  from delicious
march 2011
Nuclear energy: Inside the black box
What's going on inside the Fukushima nuclear reactor, and how it is hoped meltdown can be averted
nuclear-power  meltdown  disasters  japan  fukushima  power  electricity  nuclear  from delicious
march 2011
Backdoor legislation is no way to tackle thorny issue of copyright - The Irish Times - Fri, Mar 11, 2011
good article by Karlin Lillington on the attempted sneaking-through of an SI to 'deal with' filesharing. agreed on all counts
filesharing  piracy  ireland  law  karlin-lillington  legislation  fianna-fail  from delicious
march 2011
The Remarkable Notability Of Old Man Murray | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
wow, the *entire games industry* (basically) comes out to praise Old Man Murray -- the influential satire site. I'd forgotten about their Time-To-Crate game rating system (which I still apply)
gaming  humor  old-man-murray  games  crates  from delicious
march 2011
#O2Fail – What You Need To Know About Mobile Phone Content Control
'Because it’s easy for a kid to find a site that isn’t blocked – or to “borrow” mum or dad’s credit card – it’s of no serious concern to the intrepid kid. It does suck if they want to find out how not to get AIDS though. So, we’re stuck with a situation that’s expensive for MNOs, embarrassing and annoying for consenting adults, and trivial for a child to bypass.'
o2fail  o2  uk  politics  filtering  censorship  porn  the-sun  page-3  mobile  from delicious
march 2011
Old Man Murray Deleted From Wikipedia | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
more idiotic deletionism from Wikipedia. when will someone fork WP with a saner community?
wikipedia  deletionpedia  deletion  gaming  history  old-man-murray  web  community  asshats  from delicious
march 2011
The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Frontpage | A lesson for colony cousin
So much win in one article. (a) the Bengali equivalent of "craic" is, roughly, "phatiphati"; (b) "In Irish pubs, amid the tiddly-doo music, this is a craic"; (c) wtf Gadaffi references; (d) shared post-colonialist glee
craic  funny  colonialism  bengali  phatiphati  tiddly-doo  libya  india  cricket  from delicious
march 2011
O2's page on their new "block 18+ content on mobile internet" policy
O2 UK have just instituted a mandatory block for all "18+" content, which is only removed once the customer pays a UKP1 fee via credit card (which is immediately refunded). Twitter is *full* of angry UK O2 users right now
o2  uk  content  credit-cards  filtering  censorship  adult  from delicious
march 2011
TechWire: Don't do it, Enda and Eamon
Adrian Weckler with a plea for the incoming govt regarding the attempt to rush through '3 Strikes' by the outgoing one: 'Such a law will have absolutely no effect on the practice of illegal filesharing. None. Zero. It hasn't worked in France. It hasn't worked in Britain. And it certainly won't work in Ireland. On the other hand, it may well send a signal to huge, jobs-creating digital IT companies that Ireland is a place that tries to legislate away personal digital freedoms.'
3-strikes  ireland  adrian-weckler  politics  filesharing  piracy  filtering  internet  freedom  from delicious
march 2011
Notch on piracy: “if a pirated game is a lost sale, should bad reviews be illegal?” | PC Gamer
wish more "piracy = theft" people would think about this viewpoint. mind you, fwiw, I buy my games, and have paid for Minecraft ;)
piracy  gaming  games  minecraft  notch  from delicious
march 2011
Warren's Android app to track DublinBike availability: 'Use BikeDroid to locate the nearest free bike or stand to you. Get real-time status of all bike stands displayed on a map of your city.'
bikes  dublinbikes  apps  android  mobile  from delicious
february 2011
How to block retweets
in Twitter, obvs. This is incredibly handy, and very poorly-documented
twitter  retweets  annoying  ui  from delicious
february 2011
BallotBox.ie Posts Emigrant-Vote Results
FG 63 seats, Labour 51, SF 23, Greens 10, Ind 11, FF 2. interesting to see SF's strong showing among emigrants -- something for electoral reformers to think about ;)
ireland  politics  voting  e-voting  emigration  from delicious
february 2011
Whenever you hit Facebook’s “Like” button you’re signing up for a subscription
'if you Liked a story on a website by pressing the Like button, you’re not only sharing the content on your wall but you’re also automatically subscribing and giving permission for future newsfeed updates to site owners. This happens every time and anywhere you Like something.' ugh, spammy, Facebook
privacy  facebook  spam  ugh  do-not-like  from delicious
february 2011
Dublin Bikes 2 Go!
'an [unofficial] mobile web application that the public can use to find 'Dublin Bikes' stations and information about bike availability'
bikes  dublin  dublinbikes  cycling  mobile  apps  iphone  android  from delicious
february 2011
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