Backdoor Allegations regarding OpenBSD IPSEC
'It is alleged that some ex-developers (and the company<br />
they worked for) accepted US government money to put backdoors into [the OpenBSD] network stack, in particular the IPSEC stack. Around 2000-2001'
openbsd  wow  ipsec  backdoors  fbi  nsa  us-politics  open-source  networking  security  from delicious
december 2010
Facebook | Visualizing Friendships
nifty data-mined map of cross-border friendships on Facebook
from delicious
december 2010
'We are proud to announce the free and open-source Accentuate.us, a new method of input for over 100 languages that uses statistical reasoning so that users can type effortlessly in plain ASCII while ultimately producing accurate text. This allows Vietnamese users, for example, to simply type “Moi nguoi deu co quyen tu do ngon luan va bay to quan diem,” which will be automatically corrected to “Mọi người đều có quyền tự do ngôn luận và bầy tỏ quan điểm” after Accentuation. To date, we support four clients: Mozilla Firefox, Perl, Python, and Vim, with more to be added shortly.' cool
accents  language  web-services  typing  text-entry  ascii  unicode  characters  from delicious
december 2010
The Day MAME Saved My Ass
'Publishers would have people believe that MAME and the emulation scene is the root of all evil, that it promotes piracy and ultimately hurts the poor, starving developers slaving away on the game. Not only is this claim patently false, it ignores the fact that many developers use things like MAME, mod chips, and homebrew development utilities to help us overcome the day-to-day frustrations caused by the people behind the real problems in our industry.'
mame  games  coding  legal  spy-hunter  emulation  rips  takedowns  from delicious
december 2010
Digital Socket Awards
'We’d like you to nominate the longlist of best music of 2010 on www.digitalsocketawards.com. From this, 26 blogger judges from towns and cities all over Ireland will each score their top choices to reach a shortlist of three finalists in each category. The winners will be announced on 3 February 2011 at a live event in Dublin’s Grand Social.'
blogs  blogging  irishblogs  music  mp3  mp3blogs  ireland  awards  from delicious
december 2010
Etsy's metrics infrastructure
I never really understood how useful a good metrics infrastructure could be for operational visibility until I joined Amazon.  Here's a good demo of Etsy's metrics system (via Netlson)
via:nelson  metrics  deployment  change-monitoring  etsy  software  monitoring  ops  from delicious
december 2010
Jon Rafman
fantastic collection of Google Street View gems
jon-rafman  google  photography  tumblr  art  street-view  funny  from delicious
december 2010
Flattr - Social micropayments
click a "Flattr" button on content-creator websites, pay a monthly $5 fee, and the content creators get a share of your $5. Very interesting, and seems well thought out -- think I may sign up when I see some content I like
flattr  payment  content  business  social  pay  music  from delicious
december 2010
Bondholders safe even if opposition win election - European, Business - Independent.ie
'<br />
In a private phone call this week with hedge funds and other investors from across Europe, the EU team which negotiated Ireland's rescue package, reassured the firms that senior bondholders cannot be burned as part of the €85bn rescue package, even if Fine Gael and Labour seek to reopen the question.'  Argh! this makes me so angry
bondholders  ireland  economy  bailout  scams  from delicious
december 2010
Some figures about Eircom's "3 strikes" system
1000 notifications a month, and 'Eircom is guaranteeing that it will never hand subscribers’ personal details to the music industry and will never monitor their online activities. They will, however, take the word of the music industry and their monitors on face value and presume it is accurate as a matter of course.'
eircom  filesharing  three-strikes  piracy  music  mp3  from delicious
december 2010
Jim Gettys and a star-studded cast explain the 'bufferbloat' problem breaking TCP/IP on modern consumer broadband
'the [large] buffers are confusing TCP’s RTT estimator; the delay caused by the buffers is many times the actual RTT on the path.' [..] 'by inserting big buffers into the network, we have violated the design presumption of all Internet congestion avoiding protocols: that the network will drop packets in a timely fashion.'  QoS traffic shaping avoids this -- hooray for Tomato firmware
jim-gettys  via:glen-gray  buffering  tcp  ip  internet  broadband  routers  from delicious
december 2010
MS Exchange Data Provider for Lightning
Thunderbird's calendar can now integrate properly with MS Exchange 2007 and above via OWA.  (via adulau)
calendar  extension  microsoft  exchange  from delicious
december 2010
Andrew Tridgell's pair programming experience
Pair-programming with another SAMBA developer over the course of a year, using a SIP server and a VNC-shared desktop. very positive review indeed
pair-programming  xp  tridge  coding  collaboration  agile  vnc  sip  from delicious
december 2010
Eric Cantona's call for a bank run
a French campaign to "bring down the banks" by engineering a massive consumer bank run, tomorrow, Dec 7th. I can see this happening in Ireland if we don't get an election soon
ireland  france  banking  bank-runs  economy  bailout  eric-cantona  from delicious
december 2010
Here are the Anglo Irish Bank Bondholders | Newswhip
according to Guido Fawkes (who was an ex-bond trader), and seemingly the same list David Norris attempted to read into the Senate record before being ruled out of order.  The vampire squid makes an appearance
vampire-squid  anglo  bondholders  bailout  ireland  economy  from delicious
december 2010
Bailout will sink Ireland before we can even swim | David McWilliams
'This is not capitalism, it is not European diplomacy; it is a stitch-up.' Adding another voice in favour of default -- starting to look like the only sane option given the crappy ECB deal :(
david-mcwilliams  economy  ireland  bailout  eu  from delicious
december 2010
Daft: Gallery Quay, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2, South Dublin City - Studio apartment to let
'€57 Weekly. Deceptively spacious open plan unfurnished studio in one of Dublin's top locations.<br />
Carbon neutral, hand crafted inuit design. beautiful ambient light leading to rooftop garden. The studio comfortably sleeps five. Pets allowed, no parking. Short term lease for the month of December. Owner is interested in selling if market warms up.' It's an igloo. With a snowman head on top.
funny  igloos  daft  property  dublin  apartments  snow  sneachta  from delicious
december 2010
SNOW WATCH: Websites and accounts to follow
great round-up of "live" information sources while Dublin's big freeze continues
dublin  ireland  snow  sneachta  twitter  from delicious
december 2010
The Effectiveness of Test Driven Development (TDD)
huh. Test-driven development is slower than traditional write-first-test-at-the-end development, but it results in less bugs. Grokcode theorise that its big win is amortising the cost of testing throughout the product iteration, hence reducing the temptation to skip testing when the crunch phase happens
tdd  programming  testing  qa  coding  from delicious
december 2010
What now for Irish Politics?
Leo on the current political situation in Ireland. I'm mostly in agreement
ireland  politics  labour  ff  bailout  from delicious
december 2010
Barry Eichengreen on the Irish bailout
'The Irish “program” solves exactly nothing – it simply kicks the can down the road. A public debt that will now top out at around 130 per cent of GDP has not been reduced by a single cent. The interest payments that the Irish sovereign will have to make have not been reduced by a single cent, given the rate of 5.8% on the international loan. After a couple of years, not just interest but also principal is supposed to begin to be repaid. Ireland will be transferring nearly 10 per cent of its national income as reparations to the bondholders, year after painful year. This is not politically sustainable, as anyone who remembers Germany’s own experience with World War I reparations should know. A populist backlash is inevitable.'
ireland  economy  bailout  eu  euro  from delicious
december 2010
deeptoad - Project Hosting on Google Code
'a (python) library and a tool to clusterize similar files using fuzzy hashing techniques. This project is inspired by the well known tool ssdeep.' Via Nelson
via:nelson  deeptoad  software  open-source  fuzzy  hashing  from delicious
november 2010
Dagestan knows how to party. 'The main activity of the day was eating and drinking -- starting from 4 p.m., about eight hours worth, all told -- punctuated, when all were laden with food and sodden with drink, with a bout of jet skiing in the Caspian'
russia  government  politics  leaks  wikileaks  weddings  funny  dagestan  caucasus  from delicious
november 2010
Copyright and defamation law is repelling investors - The Irish Times
'UNLESS CHANGES are made to Ireland’s legal and regulatory framework in areas like copyright and defamation, digital businesses will be discouraged from locating operations here, say legal experts and businesses.'
law  legal  copyright  defamation  ireland  irish-times  from delicious
november 2010
Netflix: Dev and Ops internals
extensive details on the innards of Netflix' move to AWS, from the legendary Adrian Cockcroft
adrian-cockcroft  aws  netflix  ops  cloud  from delicious
november 2010
extract the non-boilerplate part of a web page
boilerplate  web  html  page  text  scraping  from delicious
november 2010
Skills shortage a major worry - Sunday Business Post
true -- very difficult to hire good staff in Ireland right now
hiring  ireland  software  jobs  work  from delicious
november 2010
The Moon Museum
a Grumman engineer, working with artist Frosty Myers, hid a tiny ceramic plate of modern art on one leg of the Apollo 12 moon lander -- including a crude penis drawn by Andy Warhol
1960s  art  culture  funny  hack  history  museums  space  nasa  apollo  andy-warhol  from delicious
november 2010
YouTube - Large Unified Theory by PWP (VIC-20 demo)
holy crap, I had no idea there was even a VIC-20 emulation demoscene, let alone that the standard was so high. this is amazing work, considering the platform (via Donncha)
via:donncha  demos  demoscene  vic-20  commodore  emulation  pwp  lut  from delicious
november 2010
Anti-piracy lawyers 'knowingly targeted the innocent', says law body
'Following complaints to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), Davenport Lyons now stands accused of deliberately ignoring concerns over the standard of its evidence. It matched IP addresses captured from movie and videogame BitTorrent swarms with customer records obtained from ISPs by court order. David Gore and Brian Miller, two Davenport Lyons partners, will face disciplinary proceedings in March.'
piracy  three-strikes  uk  law  solicitors  bittorrent  filesharing  shakedown  from delicious
november 2010
First logging-as-a-service tool for the cloud wins NovaUCD award - siliconrepublic.com
first, eh? not sure about that. still, good going for Irish startup JLizard, logging in the cloud seems to be hot
logging  metrics  analysis  cloud  ireland  startups  novaucd  from delicious
november 2010
GitHub outage post-mortem
continuous-integration system was accidentally run against the production db. result: the entire production database got wiped. ouuuuch
ouch  github  outages  post-mortem  databases  testing  c-i  production  firewalls  from delicious
november 2010
open-source app to manage events and logs; collect logs, parse them, store, search, with web UI
logs  logging  logstash  metrics  from delicious
november 2010
'Logging as a Service' - a cloud-based logging service
logging  loggly  cloud  logs  data  metrics  from delicious
november 2010
Fingal Open Data
quite a bit of open datasets from Fingal County Council. wow (via John Handelaar)
via:handelaar  open-data  open  fingal  ireland  from delicious
november 2010
Boxee Box issues feedback and response
'Using Boxee to play local files? having issues? Here's what were going to do about it.' It's amazing to see this level of responsiveness from an appliance vendor!
appliances  boxee  set-top-box  tv  video  home  customer-service  from delicious
november 2010
Ireland at night
the real deal -- a photo of Ireland, at night, from the ISS. I always assumed those patches of light were exagerrated for effect, but they're genuine!
ireland  iss  light  night  space  photos  from delicious
november 2010
Richardson Maturity Model
'steps towards the glory of REST'. 3 steps, namely: "Level 0: the swamp of POX", "Level 1: Resources", "Level 2: HTTP verbs", and "Level 3: hypermedia controls". +1
rest  leonard-richardson  api  design  coding  martin-fowler  restful  web-services  http  from delicious
november 2010
Copyright, music downloads and lobbying in overdrive
the comments explain a lot about the horrifically one-side Seanad debate on filesharing and 3-strikes for Ireland -- a lot of links to Ireland's old guard in the music biz
ireland  music  mp3  filesharing  download  three-strikes  from delicious
november 2010
Robot wars break out on poker sites • The Register
'The world's two largest poker sites, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, are battling to keep poker bots off their sites.' The anti-abuse arms race in poker hits the news
poker  arms-race  adversarial-classification  bots  abuse  from delicious
november 2010
Protection of Intellectual Property...: 11 Nov 2010: Seanad debates (KildareStreet.com)
this is not looking good -- the Seanad debate on the subject of filesharing and internet filtering in Ireland is going in the direction that IRMA have been lobbying for; only the Labour senator came up with something sensible, by at least reading an email he'd received into the record
irma  copyright  filesharing  ireland  seanad  debates  government  piracy  from delicious
november 2010
good investigation into an Android WebKit exploit
already fixed in Froyo, but still -- interesting write-up from Sophos. good to see Google have chosen to separate all apps into individual uids, too
froyo  google  apps  phones  smartphones  android  webkit  exploits  security  from delicious
november 2010
Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den
or 'Shī Shì shí shī shǐ', in Hanyu Pinyin -- 'a famous example of constrained writing by Yuen Ren Chao which consists of 92 characters, all with the sound shi in different tones when read in Mandarin.'
chinese  mandarin  shi  poems  constrained-writing  tongue-twisters  from delicious
november 2010
Open Data Ireland Google Group
'a group for community-based discussion around Open Data in Ireland'
open-data  open  data  ireland  free-data  free  from delicious
november 2010
Tony Finch - Some notes on Bloom filters
more good Bloom Filter tips. he says: 'I take a slightly different tack, starting with a target population in mind which determines the size of the filter. Also there's a minor error regarding performance in the corte.si post. You only need to calculate two hash functions, and use a linear combination of them to index the Bloom filter. This simplifies the coding a lot, and if hash calculation dominates filter indexing, it's also a lot faster.'
bloom-filters  tips  coding  via:fanf  false-positives  from delicious
november 2010
pay as you go car-sharing and short-term car rental in Dublin
cars  travel  dublin  ireland  from delicious
november 2010
iPhone users not waking up on time due to DST bug
lots of people complaining about this on Twitter -- seems the clock changes, but the alarms do not! Internationali[sz]ation Is Hard
apple  iphone  alarms  dst  daylight-savings  i18n  from delicious
november 2010
That mysterious J
"in e-mail from Microsoft employees, you may find a stray J [...] The J started out its life as a smiley-face. The WingDings font puts a smiley face where the letter J goes. [...] As the message travels from machine to machine, the font formatting may get lost or mangled, resulting in the letter J appearing when a smiley face was intended." aha! mystery solved. Amazon is full of mysterious "J"s in emails, and now I know why
amazon  j  letters  wingdings  microsoft  spoor  fonts  noise  from delicious
november 2010
Using genetic algorithms to find Starcraft 2 build orders
discovered a previously-unknown optimal build strategy for the Zerg race -- how cool is that
zerg-rush  starcraft  ga  genetic-algorithms  evolution  gaming  coding  from delicious
november 2010
MySQL/PostgreSQL admin helper tools -- check replication status, archive, analyse logs, find deadlocks
sysadmin  db  mysql  replication  maatkit  dba  from delicious
october 2010
simon listens
open-source speech recognition for Linux and Windows. must give this a go! (Via Alexander Seewald)
speech-recognition  floss  free-software  kde  speech  recognition  linux  audio  accessibility  from delicious
october 2010
Project Middleman
another concurrency shell command; interesting approach to dashboarding the results, with the "mdm.screen" utility provided
mdm  unix  concurrency  shell  linux  forking  background  xargs  parallelism  from delicious
october 2010
'Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures'. ah, I was wondering what they were -- I thought there was one, extremely prolific, artist
alebrijes  art  folk-art  mexico  pedro-linares  oaxaca  sculpture  from delicious
october 2010
Amazon.com: ASUS RT-N16 Wireless-N Gigabit Router: Electronics: Reviews, Prices & more
tipped as the next generation of hackable router; 128MB RAM, 533MHz CPU, supports 802.11N and 1000Base-T, and runs Tomato firmware. pity I just bought another WRT54GL a couple of months back
hackable  devices  hardware  asus  rt-n16  tomato  firmware  open  802.11n  wifi  from delicious
october 2010
UTS #46: Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing
'Client software, such as browsers and emailers, faces a difficult transition from the version of international domain names approved in 2003 (IDNA2003), to the revision approved in 2010 (IDNA2008). The specification in this document provides a mechanism that minimizes the impact of this transition for client software, allowing client software to access domains that are valid under either system.' wow, this is hairy stuff
idn  unicode  domains  interop  from delicious
october 2010
Curious Wines
finalist for a RealEx Web Award, free next-day delivery and returns throughout Ireland, and some excellent prices here. hmm
wine  ireland  shopping  online-shopping  from delicious
october 2010
wraps strace(1) to summarise and aggregate I/O ops performed by a Linux process. looks pretty nifty (via Jeremy Zawodny)
via:jzawodny  io  strace  linux  monitoring  debugging  performance  profiling  sysadmin  ioprofile  unix  tools  from delicious
october 2010
Conall's Blog » DIY Multimedia Centre
good data on a reasonably-priced 1080p setup. I'm struggling through this right now, particularly on attempting to reuse an old laptop which can't play 720p output reliably, let alone 1080p. But EUR799 for a new Mac Mini seems steep
1080p  720p  hdmi  display  tv  hardware  home  from delicious
october 2010
Flash Crash - Norwegians Convicted for Outwitting 'Trading Robots' - CNBC
'The two men worked out how the computerized system would react to certain trading patterns – allowing them to influence the price of low-volume stocks.' Yet another risk of automated traders
trading  stocks  automated-trading  flash-crash  high-frequency-trading  from delicious
october 2010
Irish ISP was lucky - l@w.geek.nz
Kiwi lawyer on the EMI v UPC case, lots of good commentary (via Eoin O'Dell)
emi  upc  law  ireland  nz  via:cearta  copyfight  from delicious
october 2010
Unicode 6.0 released
including PILE OF POO, at codepoint 1F4A9:
pile-of-poo  poo  unicode  funny  emoji  characters  from delicious
october 2010
Strike One? « A Clatter of the Law
Rossa McMahon rounds up some highlights from Mr. Justice Charleton's judgement on the UPC case; good post
law  ireland  upc  irma  emi  ip  from delicious
october 2010
Senator Paschal Mooney parrots the EMI "Aslan filesharing" story
'There is a perception that the big five record companies, all international companies, have been ripping off the consumer for many years. I do not want to be seen as an apologist for the music industry [jm: oh really], but at the lower level I can give a specific example to highlight the impact of illegal downloading on Aslan, an Irish band. [... blah blah...] Why must we wait for a High Court judgment to be made before we introduce relevant legislation? This is not the first time it has happened in the copyright sector.' -- wait, the what? It's a SECTOR now?!! wtf (via Charles Julienne)
copyright-sector  copyfight  omgwtf  paschal-mooney  seanad  ireland  aslan  emi  irma  filesharing  from delicious
october 2010
A high-performance compressor optimized for binary data -- 'designed to transmit data to the processor cache faster than a traditional, non-compressed, direct memory fetch via memcpy()' (via Bill de hOra)
via:dehora  compression  memcpy  caching  l1  software  memory  optimization  performance  python  pytables  from delicious
october 2010
Is The UPC Decision A Victory? - Michele Neylon
Michele quotes Mr Justice Charleton's judgement: 'It is not surprising that the legislative response laid down in our country in the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, at a time when this problem was not perceived to be as threatening to the creative and retail economy as it has become in 2010, has made no proper provision for the blocking, diverting or interrupting of internet communications intent on breaching copyright. In failing to provide legislative provisions for blocking, diverting and interrupting internet copyright theft, Ireland is not yet fully in compliance with its obligations under European law.' Blocking, diverting and interrupting IP traffic? _wonderful_
wtf  ireland  law  upc  irma  filtering  from delicious
october 2010
Record labels lose file sharing case against UPC - The Irish Times - Mon, Oct 11, 2010
IRMA's comment: "we reserve the right to seek compensation for the past and continuing losses from the State." You have GOT to be joking. As TJ McIntyre put it: IRMA wants taxpayers to pay for Bono's losses
irma  upc  filesharing  bono  u2  omgwtfbbq  entitlement  taxes  ireland  nfw  from delicious
october 2010
Music Industry Fails In High Court Bid To Force 3 Strikes on ISP | TorrentFreak
UPC Ireland: “Our whole premise and defence focused on the 'mere conduit' principle, which provides that an internet service provider cannot be held liable for content transmitted across its network, and today’s decision supports the principle that ISPs are not liable for the actions of internet subscribers.” woot! Now to the High Court, I guess
upc  ireland  filesharing  irma  law  three-strikes  from delicious
october 2010
All About Skimmers — Krebs on Security
photos of the current state-of-the-art in ATM skimmers via Brian Krebs
brian-krebs  atm  skimmers  security  photos  banking  fraud  from delicious
october 2010
Foursquare MongoDB outage post mortem
MongoDB was set up to write to RAM if possible, omitting immediate writes to disk -- but then the db size exceeded RAM size, the disk was hit, imposing a massive slowdown and creating a huge backlog immediately, bringing the site down (via Nelson)
via:nelson  mongodb  sharding  nosql  ouch  outage  foursquare  sysadmin  ops  from delicious
october 2010
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