Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017: Public Consultation - boards.ie
Dublin City Council is offering the ability to public consultation via a Boards forum. cool
boards  dublin  council  consultation  politics  civic  from delicious
february 2010
Trojan torrent sites - why you should never reuse passwords
'for a number of years, a person has been creating torrent sites that require a login and password as well as creating forums set up for torrent site usage and then selling these purportedly well-crafted sites and forums to other people innocently looking to start a download site of their very own. However, these sites came with a little extra — security exploits and backdoors throughout the system. This person then waited for the forums and sites to get popular and then used those exploits to get access to the username, email address, and password of every person who had signed up.'
passwords  security  torrents  warning  twitter  accounts  from delicious
february 2010
What Second Life can teach your datacenter about scaling Web apps
good scaling advice from Linden Labs' Ian Wilkes (who doesn't seem to have a blog, sadly)
linden  ian-wilkes  scaling  datacenters  scalability  deployment  ops  services  from delicious
february 2010
Lift View First
explaining Lift's code-free "display only" templating system. I like it. Very similar concept to WebMake's "scraped templates": http://webmake.taint.org/doc/scraping.html , nearly 10 years old now!
java  scala  lift  templates  templating  scraping  from delicious
february 2010
Ross Anderson and Steven J Murdoch rip into Verified By VISA
'this is yet another case where security economics trumps security engineering, but in a predatory way that leaves cardholders less secure.'
verified-by-visa  security  phishing  web  banks  banking  money  authentication  finance  visa  3dsecure  papers  from delicious
february 2010
a custom pastebin for spam messages. cool
spamalyser  spam  anti-spam  paste  pastebin  web  from delicious
february 2010
a typical incendiary blog post
'This sentence contains a provocative statement that attracts the readers’ attention, but really only has very little to do with the topic of the blog post. This sentence claims to follow logically from the first sentence, though the connection is actually rather tenuous. This sentence claims that very few people are willing to admit the obvious inference of the last two sentences, with an implication that the reader is not one of those very few people. This sentence expresses the unwillingness of the writer to be silenced despite going against the popular wisdom. This sentence is a sort of drum roll, preparing the reader for the shocking truth to be contained in the next sentence. This sentence contains the thesis of the blog post, a trite and obvious statement cast as a dazzling and controversial insight.'
funny  cliches  blogging  trolling  blogs  from delicious
january 2010
A new way to deploy web applications
interesting Django/Pythonic approach, based on concepts from AppEngine
django  python  virtualenv  deployment  web-apps  linux  appengine  from delicious
january 2010
DNS Pre-fetch Exposure on Thunderbird and Webmail
Ugh, very bad idea indeed. A backchannel for spammers/phishers/attackers from the mail reader is something we definitely do not want to provide. This is why we chose to cut URLs at the registrar boundary for URIBL lookups in SpamAssassin
privacy  email  dns  mozilla  thunderbird  prefetching  urls  abuse  security  spam  from delicious
january 2010
Pricewatch - The route of the problem
great article about Dublin Bus' shortcomings, featuring an interview with Antoin! Very interesting to hear about the upcoming GPS-based accurate bus timetabling service to be visible via their website, that'll be fantastic
gps  busses  dublin-bus  dublin  mass-transit  commute  travel  from delicious
january 2010
The SAY2K10 bug [LWN.net]
LWN follows up on the FH_DATE_PAST_20XX fiasco. 'It would appear that what SpamAssassin needs is some dedicated maintenance talent which is not dependent on evening hours put in by developers committed to other projects.' I wish
spamassassin  say2k10  bugs  maintainance  lwn  commentary  from delicious
january 2010
The New Data Center Rack From … IKEA?
the LACKRack -- IKEA's "LACK" side tables have exactly 19 inches of space, perfect for rackmounted hardware with a little hacking
lack  ikea  funny  furniture  hardware  datacenter  rackmount  from delicious
january 2010
_Botnet Judo: Fighting Spam with Itself_
reverse-engineering the output of spam templates. paper isn't published yet, but sounds very interesting, particularly since it overlaps with the SpamAssassin SOUGHT ruleset's methodology, a little, it sounds like. looking forward to reading it
spam  anti-spam  botnets  templates  toread  papers  from delicious
january 2010
Humblog - Philip Kirwan Ripped Off My iPhone App Content
ouch, nasty allegations. Strikes me that there's a chicken/egg problem: scraping the Dublin Bus website to build a database which you then sell as part of a commercial iPhone app is probably pretty shaky ground to start with
ip  databases  collation  collections  dublin-bus  iphone  apps  scraping  from delicious
january 2010
One Mutation per 15 Cigarettes Smoked
aka, lung cancer develops after 50 pack-years of smoking. sobering thought
cancer  lung-cancer  smoking  tobacco  risk  mutation  from delicious
january 2010
French Anti-Piracy Organisation Hadopi Uses Pirated Font In Own Logo
'Of course you have to appreciate the irony – the agency in charge of enforcing France’s new anti-piracy legislation using a pirated proprietary font in its very own logo.' hoho! hoist by their own petard
hadopi  piracy  copyright  design  fail  france  fonts  typography  logos  ip  from delicious
january 2010
YouTube - Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer
whoa. really looking forward to this, Mass Effect was one of the best games I've ever played
mass-effect  games  via:colmbrophy  xbox  scifi  video  youtube  trailers  from delicious
january 2010
Google Translate fail
Google reckons that the English translation of "Amhran na bhFiann" -- the Irish national anthem -- is "Save The Queen". ie. part of the *English* national anthem. the perils of machine learning (via Adam Maguire)
via:AdamMaguire  funny  fail  google  translation  machine-learning  from delicious
january 2010
Mobile Internet access data retention (not!)
so, it seems the wireless ISPs don't have sufficient IPv4 space for their customers, and are filtering access to the internet via NAT; unfortunate side effect is that this breaks data retention as defined in the UK. wonder if the same applies here?
uk  data-retention  privacy  nat  isps  wireless  mobile  phones  networking  internet  filtering  from delicious
january 2010
I was a Doctor at an online pharmacy
Reddit thread from answers from a "doctor" at a dodgy online prescription-drugs store, supposedly not a spamvertized one though
medicine  pharma  spam  reddit  iama  scummy  illegal  law  from delicious
january 2010
Semi-Realtime Satellite Desktop Backgrounds
Russ Garrett with another set of near-realtime desktop weather imagery (cf. http://taint.org/xplanet/ )
weather  desktop  image  satellite  realtime  backgrounds  from delicious
january 2010
Upload and store your files in the cloud with Google Docs
no sync or automated backup yet, so more like sendspace than dropbox, limited usefulness
google  backup  online-backup  sync  storage  from delicious
january 2010
the MagicJack
a GSM femtocell for the home -- USB-driven, the size of a pack of cards, $40. this won't last long
femtocells  gsm  phone  home  voip  telephone  from delicious
january 2010
Zamberlan Snow Chains
chains -- for your shoes. basically crampon overshoes, to deal with ice and snow, EUR45
chains  ice  snow  shoes  boots  footwear  weather  crampons  from delicious
january 2010
Irish Weather Network
live weather-station data from across Ireland, overlaid on a Google Map, using amateur and professional stations. fascinating
weather  data  mapping  ireland  live  from delicious
january 2010
Malicious App In Android Market
phisher creates a banking app for Android phones which relays the authorization details to another site, possible because of insufficient app vetting (via Mulley)
apps  iphone  android  smartphones  phones  mobile  phishing  security  banking  fraud  from delicious
january 2010
Two Gentlemen of Lebowski
nicely done; Lebowski a la Shakespeare (via Waxy)
via:waxy  shakespeare  writing  humor  lebowski  movies  parody  funny  from delicious
january 2010
Snow Chains in Ireland? - boards.ie
good thread, despite a lot of patronising asshattery
snow  weather  commute  mobility  chains  driving  from delicious
january 2010
Una "UnaRocks" Mullally on the state of Irish blogs
'I think that ‘first wave’ of Irish blogging was over a long time ago, probably around the time Blogorrah hit the dirt, but in spite of time and an increase of participants and bigger audience there seems to be no real drive to improve content. People will always read something good – online or offline – and until that something good (hopefully in plural) starts to emerge and while good bloggers log off indefinitely, Irish blogging, for what it’s worth, is in a state of disarray.'
irish  irishblogs  ireland  writing  blogosphere  blogging  unarocks  from delicious
january 2010
Atheist Ireland Publishes 25 Blasphemous Quotes
in protest against the Fianna Fail religious right's ludicrous new blasphemy law
blasphemy  ireland  law  legal  censorship  democracy  atheism  religion  quotes  from delicious
january 2010
Body By Victoria - Secure Computing: Sec-C
Dr. Neal Krawetz brings the science on detecting Photoshop retouching
pixels  images  forensics  jpeg  photoshop  fake  analysis  detection  from delicious
december 2009
'free, open, developer-generated APIs for a wide variety of websites. Parselets.com is a place to create and share them. [..] Check out [..] ways to use parselets from our web service, Ruby, Python, C/C++, or the *nix command-line.'
parselets  scraping  html  web  regexps  sitescooper  json  from delicious
december 2009
RegExr: Online Regular Expression Testing Tool
a very nice interactive editor in Flash, supporting lots of the usual perlish stuff. via Joe
via:jdrumgoole  regexps  regular-expressions  spamassassin  rule-dev  flash  regex  flex  utilities  from delicious
december 2009
Deployment is just a part of dev/ops cooperation, not the whole thing
metrics, monitoring, instrumentation, fault tolerance, load mitigation called out as other factors by Allspaw
ops  deployment  operations  engineering  metrics  devops  monitoring  fault-tolerance  load  from delicious
december 2009
'Lsyncd uses rsync to synchronize local directories with a remote machine running rsyncd. Lsyncd watches multiple directories trees through inotify. The first step after adding the watches is to rsync all directories with the remote host, and then sync single file by collecting the inotify events. So lsyncd is a light-weight live mirror solution that should be easy to install and use while blending well with your system.' (via adulau)
via:adulau  lsyncd  mirroring  linux  inotify  backup  sysadmin  synchronization  sync  dropbox  from delicious
december 2009
mnot’s Weblog: HTTP + Politics = ?
how the Great Firewall of Oz breaks so much more than the web browser
http  web  politics  australia  internet  proxies  filtering  from delicious
december 2009
Play framework
'a Java framework made by Web developers. Discover a clean alternative to bloated enterprise Java stacks. Play focuses on developer productivity and targets RESTful architectures.'
java  rails  webdev  mvc  webapps  play  playframework  from delicious
december 2009
Turing-incomplete Lua?
discussion thread on the cons of using Turing-complete general-purpose programming languages in places where it's not necessary, such as configuration files
configuration  turing-complete  safety  coding  software  lua  from delicious
december 2009
Why it's time to lighten up about "weird" Japan
'Being majime (too serious) is not cool in Japan; likewise it is important for voyeurs of Japanese culture to recognize that most everything pop-culture-y that is exported to the West comes at us with a wink. If you're all up in arms about it, then maybe the joke is on you.'
japan  majime  seriousness  fun  weird  news  journalism  from delicious
december 2009
GameFAQs: Assassin's Creed II (X360) Puzzle/Codex FAQ
linked by Nelson; will return to this once i've gotten into the game
assassins-creed  games  via:nelson  toread  xbox  from delicious
december 2009
dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library
'an open source JavaScript library that produces produces interactive, zoomable charts of time series. It is designed to display dense data sets and enable users to explore and interpret them.' quite pretty
time-series  data  tsd  graphs  charts  javascript  via:reddit  dataviz  visualization  opensource  dygraphs  from delicious
december 2009
Chrome extension: edit textarea in an external editor
very new, but heading in the right direction (although the idea of using a browser action is probably not correct). This is the last hold-up for me to switch
chrome  web  browsers  google  editing  external  editors  vim  emacs  from delicious
december 2009
How to build a Google Chrome extension in 15 minutes
wow. that _is_ easy; wonder if it'd be nearly as easy to write an extension as it is nowadays to write userscripts in Firefox
user-scripts  google  chrome  firefox  extensions  coding  html  css  from delicious
december 2009
Useful Google Chrome Extensions
from Nelson. looks like it's becoming a viable browser, maybe I'll give it a go
chrome  google  extensions  web  nelson-minar  from delicious
december 2009
The Beer with the Green Label : Sierra Nevada tries to reclaim its cred - CHOW
'Ask a craft brewer which other brewers he most admires, and he’s likely to mention Sierra Nevada. The Chico, California, brewery is considered to be sacred ground, and its beers expertly crafted. “When you die as a brewer, you go to Chico,” says Matthew Brynildson, brewmaster of Firestone Walker in Southern California.' paging Ben
sierra-nevada  beer  ipa  yum  via:torrez  from delicious
december 2009
Review of the decade: Alexis Petridis on pop
great line: 'In the future perhaps every artist will be famous for 15 comments'
music  grauniad  alexis-petridish  aphorisms  fame  internet  web  mp3  from delicious
december 2009
How Google/Firefox Geolocation API works
I didn't realise Firefox's geolocation used wifi triangulation, too
wifi  google  linux  firefox  mapping  geolocation  triangulation  from delicious
december 2009
Charlie's Diary: The myth of the starship
Charlie Stross' thoughts on the true viability of interstellar travel. This was about the most thought-provoking bit of 'Accelerando' for me alright
beans  ships  travel  interstellar  space  ai  downloading  from delicious
november 2009
Meeting Notes 2009 11 24 - Noisebridge
notes curated by Danny O'Brien: 'I have volunteered to take the meetynge notes in the style of a 17th century essayist.'
meetings  hilarity  17th-century  ye-olde-wiki  minutes  via:3ze  from delicious
november 2009
All Android Phones
so many! Saw a Hero last night, it looked pretty swish -- although not quite as pretty as the iPhone ;)
phones  android  htc  hero  os  g1  mobile  tech  shopping  from delicious
november 2009
Sup, OfflineIMAP and MSMTP
A good guide to installation on Jaunty. I'm trying out sup. It does a really good job of bringing the GMail experience to the commandline, so far so good; now to see if I can switch my work email over!
sup  email  linux  command-line  howto  jaunty  ubuntu  from delicious
november 2009
I'm late to the party, but this sounds lovely
javascript  server  http  web  comet  closures  node.js  event  from delicious
november 2009
"Source Code Optimisation", Felix von Leitner, Linux Kongress 2009 [PDF]
Good presentation on C compiler optimization, via Cal Henderson. 'People often write less readable code because they think it will produce faster code. Unfortunately, in most cases, the code will not be faster.' I particularly like 'Fancy-Schmancy Algorithms': 'If you have 10-100 elements, use a list, not a red-black tree; Fancy data structures help on paper, but rarely in reality. (More space overhead in the data structure, less L2 cache left for actual data.)'
via:iamcal  compilers  c  c++  optimization  coding  assembly  speed  from delicious
november 2009
Me and Belle de Jour – ‘Could it be Brooke?’
LinkMachineGo knew the true identity of Belle du Jour way back when -- and set a Google trap to ensnare snooping journos. nice work
belle-du-jour  google  blogging  blogs  via:waxy  privacy  googlewhack  identity  daily-mail  journalism  from delicious
november 2009
JSON Format
'your online JSON Formatter'. useful. via JKeyes
via:jkeyes  json  formatting  tools  useful  format  debugging  from delicious
november 2009
MacRumors iPhone Blog: Undercover 1.5 Adds Push Notification Tool to iPhone Theft Recovery App
very clever. 'You can make the messages as enticing as you want - say, by having them pretend to be a notification from your bank account. If the crook chooses to view the push notification, Undercover will launch, [..] loading any Website of your choosing, such as the aforementioned bank's. While the thief is distracted, Undercover will be happy to save the device's GPS coordinates and IP address to Orbicule's Website.'
iphone  theft  crime  push-notifications  undercover  from delicious
november 2009
Boingo Wireless - AVOID
argh. wish I'd seen this page before I signed up for a month's access while travelling -- they've now charged my credit card again, over a week after I requested the account's cancellation :(
boingo  avoid  customer-service  customer-hostile  scams  wifi  travel  from delicious
november 2009
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