GRC's | SQRL Secure Quick Reliable Login  
interesting qr code login thing, relies on a private key stored on your phone
security  authentication 
13 days ago
sort of like scutttlebutt, but 6 month retension, flood protocol, and blockchainy
15 days ago
Fldigi - Wikipedia
more softmodem stuff, supports lots of protocols
20 days ago
Metafoundry 68: Specific Diseconomy
“my society is built on a hill of skulls” - @debcha
21 days ago
Inter UI font family
nice clean free font, variable
5 weeks ago
magic • Internet Service from the Future
interesting transparent multi-network thing
5 weeks ago
Hello, slim.js!
thin custom element / web component polyfill
5 weeks ago
neat idea. encrypts in browser, puts key in hash, which isn't sent to the server
6 weeks ago
mozilla/libdweb: Extension containing an experimental libdweb APIs
mozilla distributed web stuff, including a file api example
6 weeks ago
future-proof formats, with libraries, for network addresses, hashes, serialized data, etc.
6 weeks ago
mult-language modules for peer to peer networking and data transfer
6 weeks ago
24 Hour Wallpaper - Dynamic Desktops
neat idea, compatible with macos mojave dynamic desktops
6 weeks ago
Gold Line
stones throw bar, highland park
6 weeks ago
yet another config language (json with a bit less punctuation)
8 weeks ago
Simple Analytics
paid analytics without tracking
8 weeks ago
Introducing neonious one
interesting tiny board that runs node, has web ide
8 weeks ago
Percent Pledge
easy percentage donations
charity  giving 
10 weeks ago
yet another chat platform
12 weeks ago
The eno notation language and libraries
another markup language. better than archieml?
august 2018
KindleBerry Pi!
kindle as a pi display
august 2018
Raspberry Pi 2/3: Chromium in Kiosk mode
this one actually works, doesn't break ssh
august 2018
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