yet another config language (json with a bit less punctuation)
Simple Analytics
paid analytics without tracking
Introducing neonious one
interesting tiny board that runs node, has web ide
4 days ago
Percent Pledge
easy percentage donations
charity  giving 
16 days ago
yet another chat platform
29 days ago
The eno notation language and libraries
another markup language. better than archieml?
5 weeks ago
KindleBerry Pi!
kindle as a pi display
5 weeks ago
Raspberry Pi 2/3: Chromium in Kiosk mode
this one actually works, doesn't break ssh
6 weeks ago
The Banality of Prison Email
"I often think about the fact that “inspirational” constraints, limited access, and improvisational hacks to communicate outside of standardized and surveilled paradigms are rarely a choice but a last resort imposed upon people with less power in this world." - @lifewinning
quote  rituals-and-practices 
8 weeks ago
[no title]
simply secure report on low income mobile phone use, privacy, and security
security  privacy 
9 weeks ago
low bandwidth, text-based browser

might work over audio...

interesting in concert with wget mirroring: super small offline web?
10 weeks ago
BundlePhobia | cost of adding a npm package
get the gzipped and minified size of any npm package
11 weeks ago
steggy - npm
steganography. hide data in png files, optionally with password protection.
nodejs  javascript 
11 weeks ago
interesting serverless tooling for aws, nice simple text config
serverless  aws  lambda 
june 2018
typicode/steno: Simple file writer with atomic writing and race condition prevention
atomic file writes. probably a good idea to use this for altcloud.
may 2018
Eliminate busywork | Parabola
workflow automation, visual programming
may 2018
Daring Fireball: Kolide
stethoscope mentioned on df
may 2018
track per participant web based podcast recording
podcast  audio 
april 2018
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