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Our Pattern Language
Software architecture, design patterns, and computational patterns for High-Performance Computing
high-performance_computing  programming  computational_science  CSI_702 
march 2019 by jkglasbrenner
PSU Astro 528
High-performance computing course to use as inspiration for CSI 702.
high-performance_computing  pedagogical_resources  csi_702 
january 2019 by jkglasbrenner
AiiDA: Automated Interactive Infrastructure Database for Computational Science
An interactive computational framework for managing all aspects of computational science workflows and HPC interactions.
computational_science  computational_condensed_matter_physics  high-performance_computing  aiida  Databases 
may 2018 by jkglasbrenner
From Python to Numpy
eBook with examples on how to "translate" Python implementations of problems into ones solved by Numpy
Python  high-performance_computing  vectorization  programming 
november 2017 by jkglasbrenner

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