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Simulating powder x-ray diffraction in Python with Pymatgen and Xrayutilities. | CompMatSci
Instructions on how to generate a realistic x-ray powder diffraction plot for a given material structure
physics  crystallography  simulation  condensed_matter 
december 2018 by jkglasbrenner
The Ising model
A simple and complete derivation of the classical Ising model.
statistical_physics/thermodynamics  ising  physics  statistics  magnetism  reference 
september 2018 by jkglasbrenner
MCMC and the Ising Model | Tanya Schlusser
The Metropolis-Hastings method using both PyMC3 and standard techniques, demonstrated via the Ising model.
statistical_physics/thermodynamics  statistics  tutorial  ising  mcmc  monte_carlo  physics  metropolis  hastings  pymc3  python 
september 2018 by jkglasbrenner
HTML5/Javascript Physics web apps
Written by Daniel V. Schroeder, nice examples of simulations
simulation  Physics  Quantum_Mechanics  HTML5  javascript  education 
june 2018 by jkglasbrenner
NOMAD Repository
Resource for storing scientific data, including outputs from DFT calculations.
condensed_matter  Physics  Databases  science  electronic_structure 
april 2018 by jkglasbrenner
Questaal Home
Official site for Mark's TB-LMTO-ASA suite.
Physics  Quantum_Mechanics  transport  simulation  DFT  abinitio 
april 2018 by jkglasbrenner
Micromagnetics simulation software
DFT  Physics  magnetism  simulation 
april 2018 by jkglasbrenner
Home Page for Computational Physics 2007
Computational physics class that focuses on implementing DFT from scratch
DFT  reference  programming  Physics 
march 2017 by jkglasbrenner
Topic 5: Quantum Monte Carlo
A tutorial on Quantum Monte Carlo that includes example code
Physics  quantum_monte_carlo  monte_carlo  modeling  algorithms  C++ 
march 2017 by jkglasbrenner

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