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Netflix’s decision to renew Hemlock Grove shows its algorithms are working — paidContent
Looks like Netflix move into commissioning shows based on what their
viewers are watching might work:
And if you’re anything like me, then you have never seen Hemlock Grove pop
up in your Netflix recommendations. Heck, chances are, you may have never
heard about Hemlock before reading this article. But that’s OK; Netflix
didn’t make the show for us. It’s aimed at an audience of teenage horror
fans. And Netflix had the numbers to know that this audience was engaged
enough on the streaming service to make a title like Hemlock Grove succeed.
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june 2013 by jitgo
How Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Sees the Future: Netflix Wins, Apps Win and So Do HBO, ESPN and the Cable Guys – AllThingsD
The one new nugget here is a Hastings prediction, held by many other
people, that we’re moving to a world where “apps replace channels.”
Hastings mentions apps nearly 3 dozen times in his essay, and makes it
clear that he sees Netflix first and foremost as an app provider.
Hastings figures that lots of other video services will figure the same
thing out. And he goes out of his way to mention others that are already
there or close to it, citing ESPN, HBO and the BBC.
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