Surly Rack Adaptor Hardware – Velo Orange
We have found this hardware kit extremely useful for adapting racks for many types of applications.
bicycle  rack  parts 
december 2017
Engine Arms & Parts
Sells parts and belts for Emesco handpiece
dental  tools  parts 
march 2017
acetylene vs propane
Doug Fattic describes his propane setup on Velocipede Salon
framebuilding  brazing 
december 2016
Plantar Fasciosis
article on treatment and causes
pf  plantarfasciitis  running  medicine 
may 2016
SOM footwear
recommended by https://nwfootankle.com/ for PF sufferers. Also MIUSA
sneakers  sneaker  running  pf  plantarfasciitis  miusa 
may 2016
lights specifically for generator bicycle
lighting  lights  bicycle  generator 
november 2015
PL23 : PL23 - 700c x 32h
Another touring rim option - $40!
wheels  touring  bicycle  parts 
october 2015
Velocity Wheels - Hand Made in USA
Velocity Atlas possible touring bike hoops
wheels  touring  bicycle  madeinUSA 
october 2015
New Xtracycle Flightdeck and Yepp Maxi- Mtbr.com
Dimensions of Easyfit Window are 65mm (W) x 95mm (L)
12.7mm thick
yepp  bicycle  kids  kidsbike  framebuilding  rack 
october 2015
BLUG — Ho ho ho
using a quill stem on 1-1/8 threadless fork
february 2015
PS 132 The Conselyea School - Homepage
williamsburg near metropolitan and graham
prek  schools  kids 
january 2015
Road Bike Crank Test - Fair Wheel Bikes
test of crank weight vs deflection. The spread was .5% of watts at what would be a maximum effort for most riders. Not clear that deflection is an actual loss of energy, or if the energy is returned when the arm springs back.
bicycle  technology 
december 2014
NYCM Advice
Lots of good info on NYC Marathon.
running  sport  nyc 
october 2014
MAP Bicycles | Merchandise | Chico, California
bosses, pivots for centerpulls, rack tabs, dropouts...
framebuilding  madeinUSA  parts 
october 2014
Boombot REX PITCH BLACK - Boombotix Store
small bluetooth speaker with audio playback control
gifts  audio  music 
september 2014
Well Spent.
fair trade / miusa stuff
clothing  madeinUSA 
may 2014
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