A Primer for Forgetting
The finished task drops into oblivion. The unfinished clings to the mind.
forgetting  memory  amygdala 
12 days ago
com.xiaomi-miio/obtain_token.md at master · jghaanstra/com.xiaomi-miio
Homey app to control Mi Home devices that implement the miIO protocol - jghaanstra/com.xiaomi-miio
mihome  token 
7 weeks ago
Step by Step! : DIY Garden Steps & Outdoor Stairs | The Garden Glove
Got a slope in your yard? You can add DIY garden stairs with these tutorials. Outdoor stairs and garden steps lead you through your garden!
garden  steps  stairs  diy  house  home 
12 weeks ago
New standards call for dementia-friendly design, Dementia Training Aus
The design of a building can change the way we engage and interact, move around, even our mood. Article by DTA's environmental design expert, Kirsty Bennett
dementia  alzheimers  design 
january 2019
A Processing Boilerplate with Gcode Export · Sighack
I’ve been using a standard boilerplate template in Processing that I wrote for myself awhile back and I’ve been slowly extending it with more export features...
processing  generative  software  gcode  drawing 
june 2018
My 1080 ti works max on 51mx · Issue #38 · OhGodACompany/OhGodAnETHlargementPill
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
crypto  mining  linux  oc  graphics  drivers  guide  howto 
may 2018
Ubiquiti Edgerouter Tutorial
Discussion about Ubiquiti Edgerouter Tutorial
edgerouter  tutorial  guide  network  router  setup 
april 2018
The router guide - what is best.
Discussion about The router guide - what is best.
router  guide  geekzone 
april 2018
Random Orbital Sander vs Sheet Sander | Woodworking News
Looking for a new sander? First time power tool buyer? We compare sheet sanders and random orbital sanders and give you the inside scoop on what to look for in a power finishing sander.
sanding  smooth  sanders  tools  diy 
april 2018
Tweaking4All.com - Arduino - LEDStrip effects for NeoPixel and FastLED
In this article I'll show you a several LED strip effects for NeoPixel and FastLED. The code works for both libraries and any strip they support (theoretically).
arduino  led  lighting  ledstrip  neopixel  fastled  geekery 
april 2018
The Other Irresponsibility — Pixel Envy
Following Mark Zuckerberg’s awkward and tedious testimony before the House and Senate came several great pieces from journalists covering it, as well as Facebook as a whole. I wanted to collect a few of the best that I found as a sort of highlight reel of irresponsibility. Sam Biddle, of the Intercept, on Zuckerberg’s frequent […]
facebook  privacy 
april 2018
Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs – Node.js Collection – Medium
Learning modern JavaScript is tough if you haven’t been there since the beginning. The ecosystem is growing and changing so rapidly that it’s hard to understand the problems that different tools are…
javascript  dinosaurs  js  tutorial  guide  web  webdev  development  dev 
january 2018
The 2018 Web Developer Roadmap – codeburst
Want to learn to code? There is no better time to start than right now. Below is an illustrated roadmap focussed on how to become a developer in 2018. Don’t let these illustrations scare you. You by…
work  webdev  development  roadmap 
january 2018
Blade Runner Model Shop - Album on Imgur
Post with 405919 views. Shared by minicity. Blade Runner Model Shop
blade  runner  bladerunner  model  shop  photo  gallery  collection  fuckingawesome 
september 2017
Best Dystopian Books
The best dystopian novels, including 1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Handmaid’s Tale, and more.
book  books  dystopia  fiction  list  dystopian  reading  read 
september 2017
User Interfaces for Variable Fonts · An A List Apart Article
Variable fonts give us a new, wide open typographic space with which to work.
fonts  design  typography  variable-type  a-list-apart 
august 2017
146 Free Stenciled Fonts · 1001 Fonts
We have 146 free stenciled fonts to offer for direct downloading · 1001 Fonts is your favorite site for free fonts since 2001
stencil  font  fonts  lasercut  type  typefaces 
july 2017
OneLineFonts, The source for single line fonts
OneLineFonts : - Conventional Fonts Font Bundles Serif Fonts Sans Serif Fonts Freehand Fonts Unique Fonts Language Extensions Bargain Bin single stroke line stick cnc engraving font
lasercut  font  fonts  typefaces  one-line  plotter  cnc 
july 2017
Similar Fonts To Glaser Stencil » Fontspring
Find fonts similar to Glaser Stencil, font by FontSite Inc..
lasercut  stencil  fonts  font  type  typefaces 
july 2017
This is how Big Oil will die – NewCo Shift
Self-driving cars will be electric because of cost. And the cost will be so low, oil will not survive.
future  energy  oil  electric  car  truth 
june 2017
The Man in Seat Sixty-One - the train travel guide...
How to travel by train or ferry from the UK into Europe & worldwide... Train times, fares, how to buy tickets, advice & information.
travel  travelling  rail  train  journies  trip  trips  trains  reference  resource  guide 
may 2017
How do I install Pi-hole on a Synology NAS? - FAQs - Pi-hole Userspace
How do I install Pi-hole on a Synology NAS

This is a basic functional installation, it does not take into account any special servers/services that you may have running on your DSM. This was done succesfully on DSM 5.2…
adblock  synology  pi-hole  install  howto  guide 
february 2017
50 awesome art, music and culture documentaries full-length and free on YouTube | Creative Boom
Watching documentaries is a healthy pursuit for creatives: it fills your brain with more dots to join up, and can make you feel more arty and up for i...
arts  music  culture  documentaries  youtube 
january 2017
COZO | Geometric Art & Design | The Construction Zone
Sacred Geometry Lighting and Design. A bolt of lightning never hits the same spot twice. Available until they are gone.
house  stuff  lightshade  lampshade  lights  home 
october 2016
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