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Making a Rails Health Check that doesn't hit the database
using rack middleware, to stop rails opening a database connection
rails  api 
october 2018 by jhealy
Rails 5 allows setting custom HTTP Headers for assets | BigBinary Blog
setting far-future cache expiry headers on assets served by rails
rails  http  assets 
august 2018 by jhealy
Deploying Rails on Kubernetes – Adwerx Engineering
Example shell script for deploying rails to GKE, including using a Job to run migrations
gke  kubernetes  rails 
july 2018 by jhealy
Handling errors in Ruby on Rails – Simplificator
a novel approach to handling exceptions so the handler executes within any `around_action`s that are in place.
rails  programming 
february 2018 by jhealy
ActiveRecord `cache_key` goes out-of-sync because of nanoseconds precision · Issue #21815 · rails/rails
PSA: Rails 5.0 changed the default value of ActiveRecord#cache_key, which means most rails cache entries will be invalid when the upgrade is deployed
rails  ruby  programming  caching 
september 2017 by jhealy
Giles Bowkett: Let The Asset Pipeline Die
Ruby is Way - long essay from Giles Bowkett on the intersection of Japanese and Western cultures in the ruby community, MINASWAN, and why sprockets time has passed
ruby  rails  sprockets  minaswan  dhh  matz  webpack 
october 2016 by jhealy
rack-mini-profiler - the Secret Weapon of Ruby and Rails Speed
Extensive guide to profiling rails apps using rack-mini-profiler
ruby  rails  gc  profiling 
january 2016 by jhealy
handy gem for tracking down memory leaks in rails
ruby  rails  programming 
august 2015 by jhealy
i18n tasks
Tasks for finding unused transaltions
i18n  rails 
may 2015 by jhealy
Maxim Chernyak on Twitter: "I want to see a proof of concept rails app where only one db SELECT happens per request, with all the needed data in it."
I want to see a proof of concept rails app where only one db SELECT happens per request, with all the needed data in it.
ruby  rails  programming 
march 2015 by jhealy
By default, Fastly will not cache any response containing a Set-Cookie header
fastly  http  caching  ruby  rails 
october 2014 by jhealy
February 2009: Tools on the edge — hoth.entp.com
A while ago we figured out that the best way to deal with time zones was through Javascript
javascript  rails  ruby  programming  timezones 
october 2014 by jhealy
Not the “Rails Way” — Medium
Nice post on rails architecture by Gareth
ruby  rails  programming 
july 2014 by jhealy
Postgres database table partitioning support for Rails
postgres  rails  uby 
may 2014 by jhealy
TDD is dead. Long live testing. (DHH)
DHH on why he thinks TDD is a waste of time and we should focus on integration/system/acceptance specs
programming  rails  tdd  testing 
april 2014 by jhealy
linux - Does Nginx have separate queuing mechanism for requests? - Stack Overflow
Nginx doesn't have it own queue, instead he pushes all requests to application server, which have listen socket:
nginx  rails 
march 2014 by jhealy
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