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Some Envoy basics - Julia Evans
Super helpful for getting up to speed with envoy
envoy  networking 
10 weeks ago by jhealy
Making the GOV.UK DNS more resilient - Technology at GDS
At this point we had effectively solved our original problem: we now had our DNS supplied by multiple providers, we had the zone file in code and we could deploy it with the push of a button
dns  networking  terraform 
june 2018 by jhealy
google-cloud-dns Secondary DNS support - Stack Overflow
Good answer on deploying DNS to two independent providers using tools like terraform or octodns
dns  networking 
june 2018 by jhealy
A warm welcome to DNS
Helpful plain English intro to DNS
dns  networking 
march 2018 by jhealy
Cabinets - Amdex
Handy frame for mounting single patch panel on wall
march 2018 by jhealy
You may be aware, but it's important to point out that there is an updated version of the UAP-AC-Lite and UAP-AC-LR that now have standard 802.3af PoE. That is, they can be powered off a US-8-60W. This updated version didn't get a new model number, so you have to double-check that you're not getting old stock if you need this feature.
unifi  networking 
march 2018 by jhealy
TCP ex Machina
interesting new approach to TCP congestion control
networking  tcp 
july 2013 by jhealy
change the APN settings and profile on an iphone
iphone  apn  networking 
november 2012 by jhealy
Reset Roaming Profile and Folder Redirection Permissions
handy set of commands for fixing borked file permissions on a windows domain
windows  networking  security 
august 2011 by jhealy
Christopher Joye's Concrete Detail Blog: Why we urgently need critical thinking on the NBN
There has been a notable paucity of critical thought on Australia’s extraordinarily large NBN commitment. Perhaps this is because media companies believe that they will be big beneficiaries.
nbn  australia  politics  broadband  networking 
august 2010 by jhealy
Ivan Ristić: Internet SSL Survey 2010 is here!
interesting slides on the state of SSL in 2010, based on an empirical survey of SSL server
ssl  security  networking 
july 2010 by jhealy
Qualys SSL Labs
test your SSl server for standards support
ssl  security  tools  test  network  networking  http 
july 2010 by jhealy
A Network Engineer's Notes on Telstra's NextG 3G Network
nifty whirlpool page with tech detail on telstras nextg network
networking  3g  nextg  telstra 
november 2009 by jhealy
Robert McMurray's Blog [MSFT] : FTP Clients - Part 2: Explicit FTPS versus Implicit FTPS
some commentry on secure FTP and IIS. Mainly interesting for the sample FTP transactions
ftp  networking 
october 2009 by jhealy
The C10K problem
It's time for web servers to handle ten thousand clients simultaneously, don't you think? After all, the web is a big place now.
performance  programming  linux  networking  scaling  http 
october 2009 by jhealy
Simon HAcket on the Governments NBN announcement
A screen shot of a whirlpool post, the original appears to have been deleted
networking  broadband  nbn  whirlpool 
april 2009 by jhealy
RFC 1123 - Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Application and Support
1989 RFC that lists some minimum standards hosts of the time must adhear to. Includes some requirements for common protocols like telnet, ftp, smtp and dns
networking  dns  ftp  smtp  rfc  protocol  specifications  telnet 
march 2009 by jhealy
Binding server to port < 1024 - Ruby
helpful discussion about binding a ruby network service to a low port, then changing the process owner
linux  programming  ruby  networking  unix 
march 2009 by jhealy
ThinLinX: Welcome
Australian company providing interesting looking thin clients
networking  linux  embedded  thinclient 
october 2008 by jhealy
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