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Robby Cuthbert Design
Robby Cuthbert Design creates completely unique, functional products for
the home that are both modern and artistically conceived. Browse and order
products online.
sculpture  lighting  furniture  design  Tensegrity 
8 weeks ago by jheady
raw.githack.com serves raw files directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab with proper Content-Type headers.
cdn  dev  github  design 
march 2017 by jheady
Nielsen Norman Group: UX Training, Consulting, & Research
A leader in the user experience field, NN/g conducts groundbreaking research, trains and certifies UX practitioners, and provides UX consulting to clients.
reading  usability  ux  design 
september 2016 by jheady
The Iconfactory : 20 Years!
A 20 year retrospective of work done by the Iconfactory.
design  iconography  icons 
june 2016 by jheady
The Best Bed for Better Sleep | Casper®
An obsessively engineered mattress at a shockingly fair price. Try sleeping on a Casper for 100 days, with free delivery and painless returns.
furniture  shopping  home  mattress  bed  sleep  casper  design  mattresses 
june 2016 by jheady
Type Terms
The animated typographic cheat sheet.
type  fonts  resources  typography  design  reference  terminology 
june 2016 by jheady
Inline SVG vs Icon Fonts [CAGEMATCH] | CSS-Tricks
If you're building an icon system for a site, you have some options. If you know the icons need to be raster images, then you'll likely be using CSS sprite
svg  icon  icons  fonts  css  webdev  design  iconfonts 
may 2016 by jheady
Solar Paper
The world's thinnest and lightest solar charger.
solar  design  kickstarter  battery  power  mobile 
april 2016 by jheady
Moleskine ® - Smart Writing Set
Moleskine Smart Writing Set. Instantly digitize notes and sketches made on paper. A brand new system that uses a unique Paper Tablet notebook, the Pen+ and companion App for a seamless analog to digital experience.
moleskine  ifttt  design  notebook  evernote  instapaper 
april 2016 by jheady
Material Design Lite
A front-end template that helps you build fast, modern mobile web apps.
framework  design  css  google  material  webdesign  materialdesign  web  webdev 
march 2016 by jheady
Facebook Design Resources
A collection of free resources made by designers at Facebook.
resources  design  graphics  Facebook  resource  webdesign 
october 2015 by jheady
Vector linear hexagon logos and design elements stock vector art 58584238 - iStock
Download this Vector linear hexagon logos and design elements vector illustration now. And search more of the web's best library of royalty-free vector art from iStock.
vector  linear  hexagon  logo  design  stock  art 
september 2015 by jheady
Viewport Sizes
A large collection of device viewport sizes to assist with responsive design and mobile web sites/apps. Created and curated by Matt Stow
viewport  mobile  application  responsive  development  design 
march 2015 by jheady
Viewport Sizes
A large collection of device viewport sizes to assist with responsive design and mobile web sites/apps. Created and curated by Matt Stow
viewport  mobile  responsive  design  resolution  screen  reference  webdesign  devices 
march 2015 by jheady
How Disasters, Emergencies, and Survivalism Are Shaping Home Design
You peer warily out of the single window in your zombie-proof steel box. The street seems deserted--except for a lone figure who is staring at you from a distance. Is it 2079, in the years after the Great Drought Plague!? No, it's 2015 in Royal Oak, Michigan, and that zombie is a curious local Fox reporter.
disaster  design  urban 
march 2015 by jheady
Dynamic Grid with Transitions | Demo 1
Dynamic Grid with CSS Transitions inspired by the Google Trends Grid Visualization
effects  grid  javascript  animation  css  css3  design  grids  js  html 
march 2015 by jheady
Nifty Modal Window Effects
Nifty Modal Window Effects with CSS Transitions and Animations
transitions  modal  css  animation  CSS3  webdesign  effects  design  javascript 
march 2015 by jheady
Bryan Lewis
A collection of work by Bryan Lewis
design  inspiration 
february 2015 by jheady
Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development
Tweet Buttons Buttons are intended for action and thus should have appropriate weight. The standard button is given that weight with a little bit of depth and a strong hover. Click Me For Action…
html  grid  framework  WebDev  responsive  CSS  design  webdesign  mobile  boilerplate 
december 2014 by jheady
Picturefill 2.0: Responsive Images And The Perfect Polyfill - Smashing Magazine
This article is about Picturefill 2.0, a perfect polyfill solution for responsive images that mimics the proposed picture element using divs.
polyfill  responsive  picturefill  images  rwd  design  javascript  webdesign 
december 2014 by jheady
Calculate your total time spent watching TV shows
Genius design and execution to show how much time one might spend watching a TV series, or series serially:
tv  calculator  tvseries  design  webdesign  tools  ideas  series 
may 2014 by jheady
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