tmux copy paste with mouse | Awhan Patnaik
hold down the shift key and then left click and drag across the target text. if you want to now paste the selected text back in to xterm, you must also hold down the shift key and then middle click in order to paste the text.
tmux  term  xterm 
may 2018
Emacs as C++ IDE
Ripped this one off wholesale. Worked perfectly.
c++  emacs  IDE 
may 2018
Range-Based For Loops
TArray<AActor*> Actors;
for (AActor* Actor : Actors)
unreal  unrealcoruse 
may 2018
UE4 Libraries You Should Know About


TMap is a templated data structure allowing the mapping of one type to another (key-value pairs) with fast element addition, removal, and look-up. If coming from another programming language, you might also know the structure the TMap represents as a “dictionary.”
unreal  unrealcourse 
may 2018
Sci-Friday dump - Album on Imgur
I started reading sci-fi because I liked the covers at the bookstore.
inspiration  sci-fi 
may 2018
Unlike FName and FText, FString is the only string class that allows for manipulation.
unrealcourse  unreal 
may 2018
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