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GitHub - andrewsmolko/foo_scheduler
foobar2000 plugin for scheduling actions.

Build instructions:

Create libs folder
Download boost and unpack it to libs, rename boost_1_59 to boost, so you have libs/boost/
Download wtl and unpack Include folder contents to libs/wtl/include/
Open src/foo_scheduler.sln in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and build
scheduler  foobar  visual  studio  2010 
june 2018 by jgear
Can Foobar open files in a new or specific playlist? - Software Discussion & Support - Neowin
Set the preference for shell integration to "Always send new files to playlist" which sends files opened in explorer to the "default" or whatever new playlist name you want. Another option is to use foo_scheduler plugin.
move  files  foobar  with  scheduler 
may 2018 by jgear
foobar doesn't show the right bitrate
bitrate  foobar  mp3  tag  music  management 
january 2018 by jgear

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