You can turn your entire life into an RPG by following this "players guide". Make leveling yourself up fun and engaging. : selfimprovement
r/selfimprovement: “Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson This subreddit is for those who have …
habit  habitual  life  pro  tips  rpg 
4 days ago
Mikrotik RouterOS scripting: for loops are a bit of getting used to « The Wiert Corner – irregular stream of stuff
Earlier, I wrote ":for loops are a strange beast so I will elaborate on those in a separate post." so now is the time to do that. The :for loop documentation is very dense: Command Syntax Description for :for <var> from=<int> to=<int> step=<int> do={ <commands> } execute commands over a given number of iterations So…
loops  mikrotik 
5 days ago
GitHub - eworm-de/routeros-scripts: a collection of scripts for Mikrotik RouterOS
a collection of scripts for Mikrotik RouterOS. Contribute to eworm-de/routeros-scripts development by creating an account on GitHub.
mikrotik  scripts 
6 days ago
Antibody Software - Home
Antibody Software makes some of the Internet's most popular utility software, like Bulk Image Downloader, WizMouse, WizTree, WizFile and WizKey.
free  ware  software  list  wiz 
13 days ago
Check if a Windows service exists and delete in PowerShell - Stack Overflow
$service = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Service -Filter "Name='servicename'"
delete  a  windows  service  powershell 
17 days ago
DNS resolver - MikroTik
/system ntp client set primary-ntp=[:resolve 0.pool.ntp.org]
/system ntp client set secondary-ntp=[:resolve 1.pool.ntp.org]
ntp  resolution  mikrotik  script 
18 days ago
GitHub - mkorthof/ost2pst: OST2PST - converts Outlook OST files to PST format
OST2PST - converts Outlook OST files to PST format - mkorthof/ost2pst
ost  pst  convert  outlook 
21 days ago
Windows Update: Error 0x80240438 - Microsoft Community
Hi, Since upgrading my Surface Pro 3 from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Technical Preview, I am unable to look for updates on Windows Update and am unable to install any apps through the store. I
windows  update  reset 
27 days ago
How to Find Your Lost Windows or Office Product Keys
If you’re planning on doing a reinstall of Windows but can’t find your product key, you’re in luck because it’s stored in the Windows Registry. It’s just not easy to find, and it’s impossible to read without some help. Luckily, we’re here to help.
get  windows  licensing  information  activatione 
27 days ago
Enable Verbose Logging for ImageManager 6.6 and Later
This article provides steps on how to enable verbose logging in ImageManager version 6.6 and later, for advanced troubleshooting with StorageCraft support.
storage  craft  shadow  protect  image  manager  detailed  logging  verbose 
4 weeks ago
GitHub - ziishaned/opus: Open source knowledge base application for Teams
Open source knowledge base application for Teams. Contribute to ziishaned/opus development by creating an account on GitHub.
wiki  option  documentation  knowledge  base 
4 weeks ago
OpenVPN Map Drives At Login
Every so often I have clients requesting that OpenVPN GUI automatically map networked drives once connected to their OpenVPN Server.  Fortunately OpenVPN GUI has built in support for running batch scripts once Connected or Disconnected.
4 weeks ago
The Mother of all QoS Trees – v6.0 | The (unofficial) Mikrotik site
Contained in this post is a free copy of my 2013 QoS tree (compatible with v6.0) for anyone to do what they want with, I only ask that if you republish this you
mikrotik  qos 
4 weeks ago
The MSP Ultimate Resource Thread : msp
r/msp: Resource for IT Managed Services Providers
msp  books  resources  to  read 
4 weeks ago
KnowHow - A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme by HeroThemes | ThemeForest
Buy KnowHow - A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme by HeroThemes on ThemeForest. A WordPress Knowledge base without the monthly subscription. KnowHow helps you setup a Knowledge Base in WordPress i...
knowledge  base  wordpress  theme 
4 weeks ago
Get file version in PowerShell - Stack Overflow
get  file  version  powershell  application  command 
4 weeks ago
Logging changes made to items in to a shared Exchange mailboxes
A user had a problem and her Exchange administrator asked for help: The user is sharing her calendar with a few people and her appointments are being
exchange  powershell  mailbox  audit  calendar 
5 weeks ago
Error in webdav config for nginx · Issue #852 · keeweb/keeweb · GitHub
I'm using nginx for my webserver. This is my config for my webdav. server { listen 80; server_name webdav.server.lan; return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri; } server { listen 443 ssl http2; server_name webdav.server.lan; #include p...
nginx  webdav  keeweb  example  config 
5 weeks ago
WebDAV with nginx · Sysadmining. All day. Every day.
This website has been hosted on an Online.net dedicated server since its creation. I&rsquo;ve been one of their customers for the past 3 years now, and I still
nginx  webdav  htpasswd 
5 weeks ago
Hosting your own password manager using open source software // Tim Stallard
"settings": {},
"files": [
"storage": "webdav",
"name": "Database Name",
"path": "/webdav/DatabaseName.kdbx"
keeweb  config  self  host 
5 weeks ago
How to Enable SNMP on Your Operating System
Find out how to enable SNMP on your operating system and get all the information you need.
snmp  windows 
5 weeks ago
Set up SNMP on Windows Server 2016 – 4sysops
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an age-old network monitoring protocol still in wide use today. In Windows Server 2016, an SNMP service is still available. You can set it up to provide a way to monitor various resources remotely on a Windows Server 2016 machine.
snmp  windows  events 
5 weeks ago
Trapping Windows Events with SNMP - NetworkCircus
Windows and the applications that run on it use the event log repository to record all kinds of significant system events. Unfortunately, trying to pull information out of multiple event logs in a way that is both timely and usable can be difficult and convoluted. There is a way to use SNMP technology already bundled into Windows to generate lightweight alerts against pre-selected events, however, thus providing the basis for a flexible and scalable notification system that can work ...
snmp  windows  events  how  to 
5 weeks ago
GitHub - keeweb/keeweb: Free cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass
Free cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass - keeweb/keeweb
keepass  web 
5 weeks ago
How to gracefully shut down vsphere 5.x (ESXi Free) using an Eaton UPS (with IPM) and the command line - Spiceworks
This how to details the steps necessary to gracefully shut down an UNLICENSED free edition of ESXi on a server host using the command line. It is tailored for
shutdown  eaton  command  scheduled  task  esxi  windows  ipm 
6 weeks ago
How To: Gathering Diagnostics for StorageCraft Support
This article outlines how to gather and send machine diagnostics to StorageCraft Support for use in a support case.
storagecraft  shadow  protect  image  manager  backups  diagnostic  support  request 
6 weeks ago
Overview - Webhooks | Xero Developer
Join a vibrant community of developers whose innovative apps, software and integrations with Xero are shaping the future of small businesses globally.
webhooks  xero  api 
6 weeks ago
Disables Windows Update with PowerShell · GitHub
Disables Windows Update with PowerShell. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
disable  windows  update  service  script  powershell 
6 weeks ago
Default Printer changes - Users terminal server
Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\printserver\printer"
dim objNetwork
set objNetwork = createobject("Wscript.Network")

objNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter "\\printserver\printer"
set  default  printer  vbs 
6 weeks ago
How to set the Default Printer in Windows 10 back to Print&Share? - Ricoh Print & Share
Ricoh Print&Share, a multi-functional, multi-channeled and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools.
let  windows  manage  default  print  registry 
6 weeks ago
SSH tunnel error dialog with plink.exe ver 7.1 · Issue #605 · HeidiSQL/HeidiSQL · GitHub
Steps to reproduce this issue Setup SSH tunnel Specify plink.exe location that points to plink release 0.71 Enter additional info and Open the connection Current behavior Error dialog pops up with message PLink: Using username "xxx" Clos...
anti  spoof  plink  command  ssh 
6 weeks ago
Configure Eaton IPM 1.5x to shut down vSphere 5.x/6.x - Virtualization - Spiceworks
Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) is the ideal agentless shutdown solution for your vCenter environment. This How-To will walk you through the process of li
eaton  ups  esxi  network  ipm  shut  down  config 
6 weeks ago
NTP Pool and Mikrotik | Murray's Blog
Update pool.ntp.org address on a Mikrotik Router.
mikrotik  dns  ntp  named  pool  routeros 
6 weeks ago
XEROX WorkCentre 7835 won't show all printing preferences - Spiceworks
We have several Xerox printers in our organization, but have had an especially difficult time with this model.  We have it deployed to t... | 3 replies | Xerox
auto  config  has  run  xerox  print  missing  options 
7 weeks ago
Secure Print Problem ! - Spiceworks General Support - Spiceworks
I tested your setup with ALL of my Xerox machines in my office (which is about 5) and various models and even a Global Driver.

You must follow the steps below to get it working:

1. Login to the Administrator Account
Under the Xerox Printer Properties click the Advanced tab and goto Printing Defaults
Under the Job Type, change it from Normal Print to Secure Print (Don't worry about putting a code in - let the Xerox randomly generate one because EACH user has to enter the...
xerox  secure  print  walk  through  steps 
7 weeks ago
Solving Remote Desktop HiDPI pixel scaling issues - poweruser.blog
If you work on a laptop with a 4K HiDPI or Retina display (like I do on my Surface Book) and need to RDP into non-HiDPI remote machines (i.e. Windows 7 clients), you might have encountered this…
dpi  scaling  high  res  rdp 
8 weeks ago
Create a contact group or distribution list in Outlook for PC - Outlook
Contact groups, or distribution lists, are a fast way to send a message to multiple email recipients, especially groups you repeatedly contact.
outlook  contact  groups 
8 weeks ago
GitHub - JamesColemanXero/XeroWinForms: A super simple example of using the Xero-Net SDK with WindowsForms
A super simple example of using the Xero-Net SDK with WindowsForms - JamesColemanXero/XeroWinForms
xero  api  example 
8 weeks ago
Webmyriad - C# - Xero API getting the C# code sample working for Private Applications with NuGet
A step by step guide to getting the Xero API C# code sample for private application working
xero  api  c#  example  walk  through  tutorial 
8 weeks ago
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