To Paint Is to Love Again: Henry Miller on Art – Brain Pickings
Looking into my book re Henry Miller on Writing saw note re his interest in water-color and ended up here. Read this closely and look for any of his writing on the subject. Also, get started!
HenryMiller  Art  Painting 
october 2018
Christocentric - Wikipedia
Came to this by way of Evelyn Underhill. New to me, but glad to see it. One of the things I have been wondering about recently
Christianity  Religion  Doctine 
october 2018
Talked to them today, Kathleen and Charlene. Probably the right company to go with. Preparing quotes. They are in Georgia
DisabilityInfo  Equipment 
october 2018
Charles E. Lindblom - Wikipedia
Link in a Strong Towns article. Take a look at the poliarchy
People  StrongTowns 
september 2018
Horror and Eternity | Scott Beauchamp
Link from TAC. About Russell Kirk's Gothic fiction. Reference here to Dia - Ballo, diabolic &c. And links to this article.
Kirk  Symbolic/Diabolic 
september 2018
Looks like I might have finally found a site that is worth fooling with. Spend some time here.
DisabilityInfo  Exercise 
september 2018
AT medical and mobility All Terrain
Looks like it might be best company for Gym and shower chair. Talk to them tomorrow.
september 2018
Crony Capitalism — Strong Towns - Marohn
Great short article. Right on target. One of the best statements of this truth I have seen.
Capitalism  ShareThis 
september 2018
Infographic: How the Oil Industry Is Pushing Plastic by Enkhbayar Munkh-Erdene and Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz — YES! Magazine
Good piece - led to thought: managers of corporations will always put the financial interest of the corporation ahead of any other concern, any. Consider the implications of that.
CorporatePower  Corporations  Waste 
june 2018
Want to Expand the Economy? Tax the Rich!
Read it before but it is so rare. This says it clearly. A con job.
Economy  Taxes 
june 2018
Vegan “Cheesy” Popcorn Recipe - NYT Cooking
so many calories in this much oil, but will have to try it once.
june 2018
Manual Manhood by C. R. Wiley | Articles | First Things
Holy Moly. Glad I came across this. Also his book which starts off with a kick. Will likely be one to read and share..
Work  Civilization 
june 2018
The Secret Life and Value of Trees - T. Egan - NYT
Ref to Power's The Overstory. I will read this one.
Books  Nature 
june 2018
How to Repair the National Marriage - David Brooks
Links to several books I want to keep handy in case I ever need to suggest them.
june 2018
Why Tech Philanthropy Doesn't Help Silicon Valley - The Atlantic
When you think you can't get any more disgusted, this comes along.
Greed  UFB 
may 2018
America’s Fossil Fuel Boom | The American Conservative
Well. Every word written, every dollar spent, every study studied has been a dead loss. Whether or not we could do anything to change our ways, we are not going to. Get Kingsnorth's book and read it.
Climate  Energy 
may 2018
Peterson, Hauerwas, Orthodoxy, Rabbits | Dreher
A great video of Jordan Peterson re Orthodox xtianity. Also about Watership Down which I must get, also S.Hauerwas.
Dreher  Christianity 
may 2018
Microdosing Guide and Explainer
I love this. Got to get with it..
Drugs  Pain 
may 2018
America’s Men Without Chests | The American Conservative
What a great piece! First two paragraphs are knockout.
april 2018
George Grant (philosopher) - Wikipedia
Referenced in TAC essay about voluntarism in American character, a great piece, all new to me. Another piece in the structure of my knowing. Give thanks.
People  Philosophy 
april 2018
Hillary Clinton's Trickle-Down America - The Atlantic
Looks like a good, important piece. See link to the long study on financialization.
Monopoly  Financialization 
march 2018
The Case for Trump’s Tariffs and ‘America First’ Economics - The New York Times
Free-traders tend to believe that only by making economic efficiency the supreme goal of public policy can those other ends be achieved.

The middle class, by this reckoning, must take care of itself, finding new ways to make a living if the factories close.
Quotes  Trade 
march 2018
GnuCash Free Personal Finance and Accounting Software
Spend some time with this. Try finally to start keeping up!
february 2018
Don't Waste the Crumbs
Toothpaste, clay, other stuff. Found while searching witch hazel.
february 2018
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