Dissecting the GZIP format
mentioned in julia evan's huffman explorations. The blog also has further explanations of huffman coding and the gif format
encoding  huffman  gzip  algorithms 
april 2016
"Kolmogorov music" by Christopher Ford - YouTube
Kolmogorov complexity analysis suggests that we can measure how well we understand a piece of music by the concision of a program that produces it.
kolmogorov  clojure  overtone  video  strangeloop 
october 2015
Advice to a Beginning Graduate Student
What is Research?
The 4 R's of Graduate School:
Reading, Rithmetic, Research, and Writing
education  learning  math  phd 
september 2015
douglas crockford's quickcheck inspired specification-driven testing tool
quickcheck  douglas-crockford  javascript  testing  jscheck  haskell 
february 2015
Hints for writing Unix tools
Consume input from stdin, produce output to stdout
Output should be free from headers or other decoration
unix  tips 
january 2015
What the last 50+ years of modern computing history tell us about future interfaces, Mike Amundsen
An interesting talk citing clojure, node.js and cubelets as the future, with ryan alexander, donald norman, roy fielding... as the past
history  computing  clojure  node.js  cubelets  rest  roy-fielding 
december 2014
7. Control flow in Node.js - Mixu's Node book
Explanation of async control flows + tiny async library (series, parallel, limtedParallel
javascript  control-flow  async  node.js 
september 2014
What is Reactive Programming? - Paul Stovell
really simple explanation. variables that get bound together
functional  reactive  frp 
august 2014
Lessons Learned by Being the Client ∙ An A List Apart Column
- Give regular progress updates
- Explain what to review
- Make costs foreseeable
- Put business aims before perfection
- Invoice often
work  remote  client  alistapart 
june 2014
A Hacker’s Guide to Git | Wildly Inaccurate
Understandable and to the point guide on git internals. It is simple.
june 2014
The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk
"This is the classic programmer's delusion, the belief that if you look deep enough, there's a hidden deterministic pattern. "
Also, hello meta
privacy  talk  internet  maciej-ceglowsky 
may 2014
Toby Schachman | Portfolio
author of pixel shaders tutorial, recursive drawing and more
artist  toby-schachman  recursive  shaders 
march 2014
Design Issues for the World Wide Web
"These documents date from the original design of the web, dating from 1990 when the first HTML editor was available to write them."
web  w3c  tim-berners-lee  architecture 
march 2014
Why Use Make
considering ditching grunt
mike-bostock  make  workflow 
march 2014
"A simple guide to responsive design."
grid  css  layout  design  responsive 
march 2014
GraphicsMagick Image Processing System
'way faster than imagemagick'. read around the web
image_processing  imagemagick  library 
january 2014
JavaScript Garden
a beautiful "growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language."
javascript  reference  quirks  writing-about-code 
december 2013
List Out of Lambda / Steve Losh
mind bending. learned about 'the little schemer'
javascript  functional  programming  lambda 
december 2013
STET | Attention, rhythm & weight
paper modernism, historias extraordinarias, materials of online reading
editorially  writing  web 
december 2013
jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor.
json  processing  data  command-line 
september 2013
localtunnel: instantly show localhost to the rest of the world
"The easiest way to share localhost web servers to the rest of the world"
localhost  server  ruby  gem 
july 2013
Øredev 2011- Functional Javascript – Anders Janmyr
a lot of insights, including the implementation of bind (apply), module pattern, construction of higher order functions, etc.
functional  javascript  talk  video 
july 2013
a functional programming community
functional  javascript  community 
july 2013
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