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National Research Study: Student Uses and Perceptions of Closed Captions
Research on how captions/transcripts function in UDL for students without hearing impairments

Tl;dr everyone benefits
UDL  teaching  video  ada  deaf  universal-design  transcription  captioning  assistivetechnology 
march 2017 by jesse_the_k
[BBC Sherlock] WAIT FOR IT... - YouTube
Total goofiness including OMG and dancing chibis
video  sherlock-bbc 
september 2012 by jesse_the_k
Video Chat Reshapes Domestic Rituals -
“We call it Skypanukkah,” Elliot said of the family’s second year of using the service’s video chat. “Being able to use Skype on a holiday allows me to basically build a memory with my family that I couldn’t have otherwise.”
jew  video  assistivetechnology 
december 2011 by jesse_the_k
Folkstreams » The Best of American Folklore Films
Lomax & much more: musicians and stories tellers from all over
folk  video  history 
april 2011 by jesse_the_k

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