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25 days ago by jesse_the_k
I Spent Two Years Trying to Fix the Gender Imbalance in My Stories - The Atlantic
I Spent Two Years Trying to Fix the Gender Imbalance in My Stories via Instapaper February 9, 2018 at 03:07PM
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february 2018 by jesse_the_k
The Reader Is the Protagonist | VQR Online
The summer of 1989, shortly after my second husband and I married, we buckled my two daughters, who were seven and three, into the rear seat of a used car purchased for cash. We
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october 2016 by jesse_the_k
Ten Things I Learned from Loving Anne of Green Gables
great article, deep exploration of LMM's feminist project
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april 2015 by jesse_the_k
K2pdfopt optimizes PDF/DJVU files for mobile e-readers (e.g. the Kindle) and smartphones. It works well on multi-column PDF/DJVU files and can re-flow text even on scanned PDF files. It can also be used as a general PDF copying/cropping/re-sizing/OCR-ing manipulation tool. It can generate native or bitmapped PDF output, with an optional OCR layer. There are downloads for MS Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. The MS Windows version has an integrated GUI. K2pdfopt is open source. Here's a quick example (click on the images below to get the PDF files):
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april 2015 by jesse_the_k

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