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Increased mortality for wc peds
BMJ Open 2015;5:e008396 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008396
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15% of peds can't cross at design speed
Actually, that same 85 percentile is used to set the amount of time allowed for a person to walk across the street.

The reference is: Transportation Research Board. Transit cooperative research program and cooperative highway research program. Improving pedestrian safety at unsignalized crossings. Washington,DC: Transportation Research Board, 2006.

Page 8 discusses how the speed standards are set to the 15 percentile speed...

A study of pedestrians with walking difficulty at pedestrian-actuated
mid-block signalized crossings on four-lane undivided
roads found an average crossing speed of 4.2 ft/s
(1.3 m/s) and a 15th percentile speed of 3.3 ft/s (1.0 m/s), equal
to the design speed of 3.3 ft/s (1.0 m/s) recommended by
Australian and U.S. design guides for sites with higher populations
of slower pedestrians

This manual is telling engineers to design crossings so that 15 percent of the people with walking difficulties can't cross in time.

Peter Jacobsen
Sacramento, California
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