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Sunny, Sunny, Day
Dave holds forth on frustrations of being a help object
help  object  dave-h  example 
may 2015 by jesse_the_k
rollingaroundinmyhed_feed | I Need a Wee Rant
Everyone piles up to wait while Dave drives through -- ignoring the other door!
help  object  rants  disablism  daveh 
december 2014 by jesse_the_k
choose well I pray
vul to there's choosing in travel
help  object  powerlessness  dave-h 
may 2014 by jesse_the_k
rollingaroundinmyhed_feed | Unnecessary Dominance
But what I do know is that there are many ways to call someone down, some ways use words, some use action, and some use a collar and an unnecessary touch.
help  object  staff  defining  boundaries 
march 2014 by jesse_the_k

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