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Catapult | Catapult | When People See Your Blindness as Superhuman, They Stop Seeing You as Human | M. Leona Godin
So I felt vindicated, excited, and inspired when I read the perceptual psychologist Lawrence Rosenblum’s See What I’m Saying, in which we find the seemingly fantastic feats of the super blind alongside related abilities of the general population, though to a lesser extent, due mainly to lack of incentive and practice. A blind person has more reason to exploit her human echolocation skills than a sighted person, but that does not mean these skills are superpowers. As Rosenblum demonstrates, what we often take as superpowers are really just expansions of what humans do unconsciously all the time: “Our less-conscious brains are absorbing a profusion of sights, sounds, and smells using processes that seem superhuman. While psychologists have long known that our sensory systems can take in information without our awareness, new research is showing that entire perceptual skills are occurring this way. These implicit perceptual abilities are allowing our less-conscious brains to have all the fun.”

I find the idea that all of us have unconscious faculties ready to be exploited very comforting. It challenges the stereotype of the super blind by suggesting that, if given the chance, we can all develop extraordinary powers. This is particularly important for blind people, who are often confronted with outlandish expectations.
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