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Disability, Representation, and the X-Men
"But just as the sliding doors on Star Trek made sliding doors in the real world feel safe and familiar, disabled characters in media can humanize disability and normalize assistive devices so that people in the real world know how to behave around disabled friends, colleagues, and strangers without needing disabled people to explain it to them directly."
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rydra_wong | *secret autism signal*
Okay, so [personal profile] yhlee has been diagnosed with Asperger's a few months ago and is feeling a bit *flail* and unsure what to do about it (having not been given much in the way of resources beyond a book aimed at teens).

I know there's a metric fuckton of people on the autistic spectrum on DW, so I wanted to put out a call for people to raise your hands if you're on the spectrum and don't mind talking about it, talk about how finding out about being on the spectrum changed things for you (if it did) and the process of adjusting to a diagnosis, discuss coping strategies, rec books you've found useful, websites, bloggers you follow, people on other platforms, etc..
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june 2017 by jesse_the_k
Conscious Hip-hop for Newbies? - hamilton rap hiphop | Ask MetaFilter
Thanks to my obsession with Hamilton, I've realized that I am sorely ignorant about way too much of the hip-hop and rap history it calls on, and I'd also like to find more recent stuff I'd like. I'm
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