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Dear Disgruntled White Plantation Visitors, Sit Down. – Afroculinaria
The Old South may be your American Downton Abbey but it is our American Horror Story, even under the best circumstances it represents the extraction of labor, talent and life we can never get back. When I do this work, it drains me, but I do it because I want my Ancestors to know not only are they not forgotten but I am here to testify that I am their wildest dreams manifest.
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9 weeks ago by jesse_the_k
Futility CLoset
Futility Closet is a collection of entertaining curiosities in history, literature, language, art, philosophy, and mathematics, designed to help you waste time as enjoyably as possible.

The database now totals 9,165 items, and more are added each day. You can read them chronologically, by topic, or randomly, using the Random Post button in the sidebar. If you’re looking for a particular item, click the magnifying glass at top right.

We also produce a weekly podcast, which I host with my wife, Sharon. Each episode spotlights a quirky or forgotten episode from history and presents a lateral thinking puzzle, in which one of us has to unravel an odd situation using only yes-or-no questions.

You can read Futility Closet on the web, subscribe by RSS, or sign up to receive a daily email (see Subscribe via Email in the sidebar). You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Who writes this?

My name is Greg Ross. I spent 25 years as an editorial manager in science, engineering, and education publishing, most recently at IEEE,, the National Educational Service, and American Scientist magazine. I started Futility Closet as an excuse to learn new things, and it’s grown into a full-time job.
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june 2016 by jesse_the_k
Logging In With a Touch or a Phrase (Anything but a Password) -
At least a half-dozen banks in the United States ask their customers to verify who they are by reciting a two-second phrase to a computer over the phone, in addition to punching in their PINs. It could be as simple as “at my bank,” and a million customers could recite the very same phrase and still sound unique, according to Nuance Communications, a company based in Burlington, Mass., that makes the technology.
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december 2011 by jesse_the_k
Folkstreams » The Best of American Folklore Films
Lomax & much more: musicians and stories tellers from all over
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april 2011 by jesse_the_k

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