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“The jealousy spread out from the pit of Sherlock’s stomach to the very tips of his fingers. John had another man in Sherlock’s flat playing Sherlock’s music and then he had the gall to come tell Sherlock’s grave about it. Had he been actually b
It was not supposed to be tremendously difficult, being dead. All the greats of history had managed it, of course, as well as the uncounted masses. Sherlock had always imagined it to be more restful,
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april 2016 by jesse_the_k
Rumored to be first of long Ashverse
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february 2013 by jesse_the_k
Bitey Mad Lady - FIC: Lay Me Down (1/2, NC-17)
And there’s the quiet aftwerward, the wondrous stillness, how heavy John is when he ceases to support the weight of everything else around him
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february 2013 by jesse_the_k
Sherlock loves John so much he wants a cross-transfusion. Eventually, he gets it
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october 2012 by jesse_the_k
Alone On the Water, a sherlock fanfic | FanFiction
SH gets brain tumor, dies in John's arms Pure ID fic
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september 2012 by jesse_the_k
prof_pangaea: Sub Rosa
Telegrammatic convo between MH & SH in the hiatus
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july 2012 by jesse_the_k

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