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Forearm Forklift
straps distribute weight to body and away from hands & lower back
forearm-forklift  fat  ergonomics  lifting  moving  deer-hunting  assistivetechnology 
june 2017 by jesse_the_k
The Toxic Eating Environment (with tweets) · fatnutritionist · Storify
Michelle@fatnutritionistI hear a lot about the "food environment," meaning our exposure to certain foods, but I think a lot about the "eating environment," myself.
food  fat-nutritionist  orthorexia  anorexia  fat  eating-environment  nutrition  ed  wisdom  specialdiets  binge  eating 
june 2016 by jesse_the_k
The Beth Project
"I created a series of pop culture-inspired portraits of my friend Beth, playfully celebrating her fantastic weight loss of 150 pounds. I shot her "Before" and "After" selves two years apart, and the digitally integrated them to interact with each other within each scene. To properly communicate and celebrate Beth's accomplishment, her body shape has not been digitally altered."
fashion  fat  bariatric  surgery 
may 2015 by jesse_the_k
fat stuff that's modestly priced and beautiful
also leggings (spandex leggings)
clothes  leggings  fat  rotund-approved 
april 2015 by jesse_the_k
fat people and feeding tubes
outstanding essay re how fat pals health iss destroyed by bigotry
fat  sizeism  bullying  gastroparesis  GJ  tubes  melbaggs 
may 2014 by jesse_the_k

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