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Flat Out: Creating A Disabled Fictional Character
#WeNeedDiverseBooks is a hashtag that sprang to prominence a couple of months ago after a bunch of authors noticed the flagship author panel for a major book industry conference was rather
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Help? more on no help when it' si convenient
I need what I need and I know what I need. I'm guessing anyone else with a disability or who supports someone with a disability is equally expert in every situation they are in as to the help they need. It's a pity that our expertise is ignored in the face of assumption and presumption.

Right now, after a 5 hour flight and a six hour drive, I'm in a hotel. I'm about to make another 5 hour drive. We manage these things because we manage these things. When we ask for help, it's likely to be something that we know can be done - because that's the only thing that makes sense
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Diary of a Goldfish
Blogging against disablism day 2011
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