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Planet of the Bind: Salad Oil of the Academy
One way to think about academic conclaves, whether it’s the Associated Writing Programs gala or the Notarized Academy of Philosophes is that there’s an overwhelming tendency among the organizers and participants to imagine the mind as being sweetly disengaged from embodiment, hence de-politicized even as words like race or gender or sexual orientation are employed as markers of subjectivity.
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may 2016 by jesse_the_k
A Battered Aspect: 'As They See People'
Barriers are messages aren't they? They are concrete ways of messaging lack of welcome. Welcome or not, space or not, I intend to keep going into room and making space, taking up space, and using that space as an equal. Because, dammit, I'm people too.
disablism  access  planning  barrierremoval  cons 
march 2016 by jesse_the_k
We Are All Awesome!
Do you wish that the conferences and the user groups you attend had more speakers like you? I have a quick fix for you: become one. Show people what you want in a speaker. Lead by example. We are all
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february 2016 by jesse_the_k
No I Don't Trust Your Conference Code of Conduct
Outstanding explanation of why "trust us" is a terrible first step when an org has already fumbled the ball.
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august 2015 by jesse_the_k

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