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Talking tools for AAC including blind autistics
6dot label maker
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Being a doctor | Lyssa and Me
One of the most unexpected things about diagnosis is the loss of the right to define yourself.

Just as you are presented with the word that brings all the disparate parts together, that explains both the things that are incomprehensibly difficult and those that are impossibly easy, everyone and their dog suddenly has an opinion on how autistic you are (or aren’t).

I’m guessing if you are male, a computer geek, an engineer or anyone whose adult life has in large part encompassed the hard sciences or the underpinning knowledge industry, the tendency is more towards ‘spot the autistic trait’ and enthusiastic searching for other (generally male) relatives back through several generations who can now be included in the autistic family.

If you have none of the above traits, the response is likely to be a little more… mixed.
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