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The Accessible Media Producers Database (AMP) is a self-listing directory of producers of accessible formats such as braille, tactile graphics, large print, e-text and audio.
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AccessText Network Wiki
Main Page
Welcome to the AccessText Network Wiki
Resources for Disabled Student Services
Resources for Publishers
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ASL Captions
We do EVERYTHING related to captions & transcripts
including audio only videos with no ASL

Our goal is simple...
make every video accessible
 ASL Transcript must be provided for ASL videos
We charge per minute of video
Our deaf team will caption ASL videos
Our hearing team will caption audio videos
Email back to you as an .srt file
Quick turnarounds Monday - Friday ​

We charge per minute of video/audio 
Our deaf team transcribes your ASL video
Our hearing team transcribes your audio
We will share the transcript with you 
Quick turnarounds Monday - Friday 
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How to Start Your Own Podcast
Short yet detailed overview from concept to listing on iTunes, with audacity sample step by step how to
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