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Created by IDEA 2004, NIMAC is a federally funded, online file repository of source files in the NIMAS format. Here, authorized users can access more than 52,000 K-12 NIMAS files for use in the production of accessible formats for students with disabilities.
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about - APH Louis - APH Louis
Louis contains information on accessible print materials produced by about 160 organizations throughout the United States. These materials include books in braille, large print, audio, and electronic file format. Louis also lists products developed by APH. For more information or to purchase these products, visit Shop APH.

The Louis Plus search locates accessible instructional materials in Louis, NIMAC, and Bookshare. From within the search results, you can:
• Go to the NIMAC record and download the file or assign it to an Accessible Media Producer.

• Go to the full Louis record to see all available formats.

• Go to the Bookshare record and download a file.
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Home - APH Louis
The Accessible Media Producers Database (AMP) is a self-listing directory of producers of accessible formats such as braille, tactile graphics, large print, e-text and audio.
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AccessText Network Wiki
Main Page
Welcome to the AccessText Network Wiki
Resources for Disabled Student Services
Resources for Publishers
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Guest Post From Jesse the K: Making Space for Wheelchairs and Scooters | FWD/Forward
Wheelchair Parking aka Blue Zones

Providing designated wheelchair parking in all seating areas permits wheelchair users the same freedom to come and go as those using the seats. Well-meaning non-disabled people will often say, “oh, but of course I’ll move a chair out of the way if you just ask.” And from their viewpoint, that’s a one-to-one personal issue. But from perspective of us wheelchair users, it’s a one-to-many problem, since we must ask for seating rearrangement every where we go.

While leaving empty spaces seems like a solution, chairs inevitably migrate further apart, filling them in. The inexpensive and highly effective alternative are “blue zones,” 36 in (1 m) squares outlined with 1in (2,54 mm) blue painters’ tape. It’s bright, stays down on carpet and comes up easily.
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lightgetsin | Data
I was recently treated to another round of “disabled people need to just ask for accommodations, then they’d be given them,” with the usual accompaniments of “you shouldn’t be so angry” and “you should be nicer."

So I figured, okay. I know this is bullshit from a lifetime of experience, but let’s gather some data.

What I did
I gave myself 7 days. Every time during that 7 days I ran into a particular kind of inaccessibility, I wrote to the owner/relevant authority and asked them to fix it. I aimed for short, factual, informative request letters.
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Being a doctor | Lyssa and Me
One of the most unexpected things about diagnosis is the loss of the right to define yourself.

Just as you are presented with the word that brings all the disparate parts together, that explains both the things that are incomprehensibly difficult and those that are impossibly easy, everyone and their dog suddenly has an opinion on how autistic you are (or aren’t).

I’m guessing if you are male, a computer geek, an engineer or anyone whose adult life has in large part encompassed the hard sciences or the underpinning knowledge industry, the tendency is more towards ‘spot the autistic trait’ and enthusiastic searching for other (generally male) relatives back through several generations who can now be included in the autistic family.

If you have none of the above traits, the response is likely to be a little more… mixed.
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lightgetsin | Tumblr
Archiving a stitched together patchwork of comments I’ve made over the past month in order to have one place to link to. Because apparently having this conversation is what I do now.

It goes like this:

Poster A: So I want to add image descriptions to my tumblr, but I don’t know what works and what doesn’t.
Commenter 1: Why would you do that? Tumblr is for pictures. Blind people don’t go where there are pictures.
Commenter 2: Right. Descriptions are hard, and I just want to reblog something I like. So why would I write this whole paragraph when no one will ever use it?
Commenter 3: It’s like they don’t get tumblr. It’s for pictures! It’s not my fault you can’t see them.
Me: *head explodes*.
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lightgetsin | Rant: my technology is not your punchline
Adaptive technology isn't your toy, and it isn't cute, and it isn't fun.

When you tinker with it casually and find that it's terrible, and think that's hilarious, do you know what you're actually participating in? You're participating in the technology ghetto, where the adaptive technology I have access to often lags ten to fifteen years behind what you do. And you know why that is? Because a lot of adaptive technology is shit. Seriously. It's awful. It does a difficult job to a barely acceptable standard because – blah blah blah – the market forces in this industry are seriously fucked up in complicated ways, and there are a lot of resource bottlenecks, and also, when you come right down to it, most people don't care that much. I got OCR textbooks in college; what business did I have complaining they were garbled and incomprehensible?
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(8) The truly villainous font is the ubiquitous Times New Roman. | MetaFilter
So here's a thing people do that I want to point to to raise the fact that it is a problem. If someone is coming to you asking for an accommodation, inventing another theoretical disabled person who might be hurt by that accommodation feels an awful lot like trying to get out of having to make any change. Since I've started noticing this it's been a pretty common refrain and I'd like it to be something folks start to become aware of as an anti-pattern.
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Planet of the Bind: Salad Oil of the Academy
One way to think about academic conclaves, whether it’s the Associated Writing Programs gala or the Notarized Academy of Philosophes is that there’s an overwhelming tendency among the organizers and participants to imagine the mind as being sweetly disengaged from embodiment, hence de-politicized even as words like race or gender or sexual orientation are employed as markers of subjectivity.
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Sit? Stand? Nifty new workstation lets you lie down on the job
Supine, standing & sitting; motor controlled, magnets hold keyboard; triple head monitor possible
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Accessible Apt Bld Downtown
4970 Meredith Way Boulder, CO 80303
Company:Lincoln Property CompanyWebsite:
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Planning Events Everyone Can Attend
Meeting/Conf planning Intro for Naive Planners
covers many bases
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