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In the City, Apps Help and Hinder Disability - The Atlantic
But even if all these problems were solved, digital-accessibility apps still pose one final threat to disability advocacy in urban environments. Apps can make cities more navigable, but they do not change the material features of that environment. Most of the time, they record the current conditions in the built environment rather than advocate for better ones. Before apps came on the scene, disability activists used mapping to catalog injustices and to imagine alternative futures: new environments in which accessibility was the norm, rather than the exception. Contemporary projects should incorporate that lesson, too. By incorporating knowledge from broad groups of people with disabilities, digital mapping could do more than just record the world as it is today. It could also drive political, design, and policy improvements. After all, to deserve the name, a smart city ought to be a better city, not just a more technological one
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No Budget Guide to Disability Access
No Budget Guide to Disability Access via Instapaper March 16, 2018 at 10:06AM
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accessibility information page
[LAST UPDATED: August 13, 2016] An important component of most Structured Negotiation settlement agreements addressing web accessibility is an organization
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Beyond the Screen Reader
Web accessibility expert Denis Boudreau explains why we need to design for impaired vision users as well as screen readers.
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iOS 9 and Accessibility: My 5 Favorite Details – MacStories
I've made the case more than once that accessibility, conceptually, is not a domain exclusive to the disabled. Certainly, persons with disabilities will always be the target market for accessibility
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Speedafari – Speed Up Safari on Slow 3G, Edge, and Wifi Networks by Olof Ahreus Lunnemark
Three level content blocker at high level ONLY HTML is loaded aimed at slow connex but access utility
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making wp accessible
20% of websites now run in Wordpress !
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Logging In With a Touch or a Phrase (Anything but a Password) -
At least a half-dozen banks in the United States ask their customers to verify who they are by reciting a two-second phrase to a computer over the phone, in addition to punching in their PINs. It could be as simple as “at my bank,” and a million customers could recite the very same phrase and still sound unique, according to Nuance Communications, a company based in Burlington, Mass., that makes the technology.
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