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P.I. Engineering Assistive Technology X-keys Controls "The No Slogan Company"
Buttons and foot switches make excellent accessible and reliable triggers for Assistive Technology applications. Our programmable input devices can be applied to many uses where dedicated input provides a better means of interaction with a computer or tablet.

Key Speak

Our Key Speak application announces the name of each key pressed on a keyboard, and sends the key only if it is pressed a second time. This allows a user with targeting impairment to hunt and find the correct key before sending it to the computer.

Customized Input

"X-Keys are an indispensable part of how I use my computer. I would be miserable without them." - Garry Bartsch

Enabled Gaming

"The X-Keys are working great. 100% better than my old setup, and I feel like now I can actually get better at the game instead of being held back by technology." - Keith Knight

Mouse Click Foot Pedal

This USB Foot pedal alleviates RSI pain from the fine motor movement required to perform mouse clicks. Pre-programmed for double-click, click, and right-click, the pedal supports our full feature set including media commands, keystrokes, and game controller commands.

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Circle with Disney
device that controls internet access with great granularity
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iOS 9 and Accessibility: My 5 Favorite Details – MacStories
I've made the case more than once that accessibility, conceptually, is not a domain exclusive to the disabled. Certainly, persons with disabilities will always be the target market for accessibility
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