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Three simple tips for video marketing success - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Aug. 28 2014,
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Using Online Video to Market Your Business - BusinessWeek
February 03, 2012, 10:58 AM EST
Using Online Video to Market Your Business
First determine what kind of material would complement your company’s brand. Then learn the basics: preparation, equipment, and location

By Karen E. Klein
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Threadless: The Business of Community - Multimedia case
45 min
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Harvard Business School, the online, Chicago-based t-shirt company, was not your typical fashion apparel company. The company, run by Jake Nickell, Jacob DeHart, and Jeffrey Kalmikoff, turned the fashion business on its head by enabling anyone to submit designs for t-shirts and asking its community of more than 500,000 members to help select winning designs. Threadless encouraged community members to actively participate by critiquing submitted designs, blogging about their daily lives, posting songs and videos inspired by the designs, and, most important, purchasing t-shirts that have won the weekly design competitions. In 2007, Threadless was well on its way to selling more than a million and a half t-shirts. Threadless' success had garnered significant media attention, the New York Times and USA's National Public Radio highlighting its unique community-based business model, and had piqued the interest of large traditional retailers. Nickell, DeHart, and Kalmikoff were now faced with making a decision about a potentially lucrative offer from a major retailer offering to carry large volumes of select Threadless t-shirts in its retail stores. Should they accept?
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Hot New Marketing Trends
August 2006 | Entrepreneur Magazine | By Gwen Moran. Go
"Think globally, act locally" is now the mantra for entrepreneurs
advertising online. Online ad spending is up as much as 33 percent over
last year, says David J. Moore, chairman and CEO of digital marketing
firm 24/7 Real Media Inc. in New York City. Earlier this year, Google
announced a new local advertising program linked to its map service and
AdWords program, allowing businesses to drive some of Google's traffic
to their brick-and-mortar locations.

"[Entrepreneurs] should pay attention to any targeting that allows them
to increase advertising efficiency by reaching users in their particular
geographic area," says Moore. Online ads are also migrating to podcasts
and blogs, where advertisers can reach very specific niche audiences.
And with increased access to broadband and the falling cost of video
production, Moore foresees a rise in online video ads for businesses as
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One Page Proposal
Understand the value chain of the industry or sector.

Sub title
Objectives/Secondary Objectives
Financial Conditions
Action Sought
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january 2010 by jerryking - The Marketing Maze
July 10, 2006 WSJ feature by Brian Steinberg on how companies
are getting their messages through the clutter using humourous websites
plus real word guerrilla marketing.
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