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Brief encounters: Mark's has designs on panties - The Globe and Mail
Mar. 22, 2010 | Globe & Mail | by Marina Strauss. Mark's
is all over the panties, as well as women's camisoles, tops, jeans,
dresses and dress shoes. In its mission to court more women, the
retailer is focusing more than ever on lingerie, with a big push in 2010
on the Perfect Fit Panty. Panty sales are critical to Mark's. The math
is simple: Women shop for underwear five times a year, compared with
just twice a year for other casual clothing.“It's about getting a bigger
share of the wallet from those customers who do shop there and now can
spend money at Mark's that they might have spent elsewhere.”

Still, Mark's faces the challenge of not scaring off its loyal male
customers by dressing up its stores with panties and camisoles
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