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Used car dealers getting a Boost
Feb. 08 2007 | The Globe and Mail | GERRY BLACKWELL

Boost Motor Group of Toronto.

Those who don't understand it may themselves be ripe for plucking.

Most people think of Web 2.0, the much-hyped and ill-defined evolution of the World Wide Web, as being characterized by online social interaction sites such as YouTube or MySpace, or collaborations such as wikis and blogs. But a parallel Web 2.0 trend involves software companies using the Internet to build products and offer services that would not be possible, or at least not as effective, using traditional client-server approaches. Boost is an example of the latter.

Boost's service helps dealers manage used-car inventories, allows them to present exhaustive information about each vehicle on their own websites (hosted by Boost), and manage the process of listing vehicles on sites such as eBay, and Boost employees do all the data capture, including photographing cars, describing and assessing vehicles on the lot, and providing marketing services to help dealers get their vehicles noticed on the Web.
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